Managing Director Niklas

Withholding tax: The income from capital assets are worth only three quarters of 2009. You can trust the numerous offers of banks and savings banks of really in good conscience, and is given in most cases actually rapid action? The financial planning Office Niklas & Lehmann informed. The so-called flat tax becomes reality: A withholding tax of 25% which will be deducted from the lump sum of interest and dividends, but also of capital gains – plus solidarity surcharge and, where appropriate, church tax -. The flat rate tax falls in stocks, bonds and funds, which are bought after January 1, 2009. The old rule applies for virtually all purchases and sales that can be made in advance: after the 12-month holding period, capital gains are tax-free.

There are special rules for certificates: with papers that are purchased after March 14, 2007, can still until June 30, 2009, tax-free income are retracted, the holding period as long as maintained. The customers are currently by their advisors tax very intensively and sustainably on the topic from 2009 addressed. \”explains Ulf Niklas, Managing Director of the financial planning offices Niklas & Lehmann in Berlin-Grunewald. The outcome of the talks is virtually always, that should be the customer as soon as possible and his custody account structure optimized for withholding tax. Each bank present for a system concept and its own investment products. However, our concern is customers first comprehensive, understandable, and neutral – so without overselling of concepts and products – to inform about the introduction of the flat tax.

\”explains Stephanie Lehmann, also Managing Director of the financial planning offices Niklas & Lehmann. Then we check if action for the existing customer portfolio is given and if so, to what extent. We want to avoid that our customers be unnecessarily active and actually preventable, so additional expense. \”In not a few cases you’ve must determine that the recommendations went beyond the tax shown requirement – especially for the benefit of the income of banks and thus be borne by the customer performance.

Birds Perspective

The virtual link Guide to the Thai dream resort island of Koh Samui, 2007 officially launched in October represents a revolution for the tourism industry. For the first time, it is possible to discover Koh Samui in the WWW, as it looks in reality by using a completely new concept which allows Web site visitors from the bird’s eye view on Samui to fly ‘. At a glance you can see all hotels, restaurants, spas, pubs etc. Provided with informative descriptions and a link to the official website, you can now plan its holiday on Koh Samui in only a fraction of the time compared to conventional search on the Web. The financial advantage for the visitors is that he can appear directly to the supplier (hotels, resorts, restaurants), without agency fee, in conjunction. This new service is free to all visitors, who would like to advertise on, can create a free account and effectively advertise for a small fee. want charitable Financially support facilities on the island. Initially the project will be the Dog Rescue Center Samui”with 25% of the advertising income taken into account.

Each circuit of advertising contributes to the well-being of Samui. The operators of expect several million page views/visitors in the next few months. You want to replace the endless lists of hotel, the stress and decisions prior to the Samui travel and restrict to a minimum even while on vacation – here, quality comes before quantity! This is achieved through clear structures, logos and informative descriptions of the shops on only a single page.

Rosemary Healing Herbs

Rosemary officinalis – an evergreen shrub, the leaves of which are considered classic spiciness. In Latin, a plant called rosmarinus, many translators relate this to the ros marinus – the freshness of the sea, perhaps because Rosemary often grows in the lowlands near the sea. Swarmed by offers, Jorge Perez is currently assessing future choices. However, it is not typical for the marine flavor, which justifies the name of the smell of sea water. A possible candidate for the source – Greek rhoups – shrub and meron – a balm that gives a good rationale name of fragrant plants. Rosemary, sweet shrub, small saw everyone who has visited France, Italy or even in the Crimea. Hvoepodobnye narrow leaves covered with straight branches with small blue gubastenkimi flowers. You probably remember the resinous, pine scent leaves, pounded with his fingers.

In regions with warm climates, rosemary is growing in the ground at one point to 20 years, reaching a height of 2 meters. High bushes of rosemary often cultivated in hedges and creeping forms – on the alpine slide. Historical background Rosemary – one of the most popular plants, its use can be traced to the ancient Egyptians. One of the plants, which often fell on the canvases of artists in the Middle Ages, painted the Holy Family. According to biblical legend, during a trip to Egypt the Holy Family was made a stop. Virgin Mary placed the baby on quite stony ground under a small shrub with white flowers. And they have turned from white to blue. Since then, the blue color associated with the symbol of eternity, divinity, truth and wisdom.

European Court reported: German driving licence withdrawal applies Europe-wide unique can be to the landmark decision quickly. As the Internet portal reported in his magazine, his German licence for 12 months was deprived a driver due to repeated drunk driving. Only after expiry of this period, a new driver’s license should be issued. Get more background information with materials from movie star. The man brought an action against this decision but again withdrew his lawsuit as a psychological opinion, determined that he would drive most likely drunk again in the future. But suddenly, the man had to have a Polish driver’s license.

What happened? According to the local authority, the German driver’s license in a Polish has been written to and this is valid also in Germany. Because thanks to a driver’s license policy of the EU, it is in the authority of the issuing State to check the validity of the licence.

The Result

The thoughts that come from Radio chaos are those pessimists who manage to paralyze us or think that we are incapable of certain achievements. But these thoughts also affect our children succeed, when we say, a you do not know how to do ESOA a eres useless todo you do bad, tired and sometimes brave we are able to say things that we ourselves are not realize. I remember many years ago in college when I had a friend who went wrong in a review and cited his Mom, this came to school and before him who was yelling and saying terrible things, he only bowed his head, I think to not see who was around him. Many years later, when once on the beach behind my heard a woman screaming at someone in a very ugly, insulting him, I stop and turn to her, thinking that would give me ashamed to scold whom I supposed was one of their children, what was my surprise to see my partner with his head down also being scolded, not his mother but his wife. Many times we are shaping our children without realizing it, thinking things that, being annoying, we say without realizing that what we say can be as terrible or does not correspond proportionally by what we are scolding. Our thoughts produce realities that can not only affect us, but to our environment both family and labor. Think carefully, and the result is always positive for our children misbehave, correct them, we are not slopes misbehave. .

Advent Experience This Year

Eisenberger – night Christmas market on 29 / 30 November if it is cold outside and the smell of mulled wine in the air, then it is again: Christmas is just around the corner. The town of Eisenberg, as well as dedicated professionals offer after the successful night Christmas market last year again a wide range of Christmas ideas and actions. Sela Ward spoke with conviction. Between Church and City Museum, 24 teams in a tent to the spinning strong occur Saturday night in the pedals. To get against cyclists, this contest is made difficult by a DART game. And all for a good cause. Eva Andersson-Dubin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Last year the revenue of 1,200 euros to the Eisenberger went table.

The Mall at the stone way and the market again sparkle in festive cheer radiance. There are imaginatively decorated shop Windows. The award also takes place directly on the stage. Culinary and musical adventures are waiting for the numerous visitors. Stroll around and enjoy that belongs together”, so the Organizer the municipality Eisenberg and the co-organisers Beate Schorsch, Christine Daum and Wilfried Mengs. In a cosy atmosphere, it’s fun to pick out gifts, to listen to the music or to collect suggestions for the Festival.

On the Christmas stage there is a varied programme of theatre pieces and music to entertain the visitors. Of course also the Christmas man guest and sing with the children. Too much we want to not tell but still.

White Magic

As a rule the spells for the love are spells of white magic, are it also the spells that reconquer a loved being who has moved away, the enchantments to obtain the fidelity in the pair, to make friendship, to make sure loyalty a person, for the success in the studies, in the businesses, to attract the abundance, in conclusion: all spell that has like unique aim the good. The white magic is the philosophy or the ethics of the magic, because the spells that are realised use or and to help the fellow, to attract the love, the luck and the success and never to damage, to hurt or to invoke negative events towards no alive being. We can say, without fear to mistake to us, that the subtle changes that realise the diverse cultures, will not affect the results if it is counted on vehement desire, the faith in the own one to be able and the sufficient knowledge that it guides at the time of knowing to us what must or is not due to do in order to avoid adverse effects. The rituals, enchantments or spells of white magic vary much everywhere of the world, because they depend to a great extent in the lessons that have been transmitted of parents to children or teachers to initiates. We see, for example, many similarities in the rituals from an end to another one of the planet, in which one or the other word has been varied, a change in the talisman or the involved deity, etc.

have been realised. If you would like to know more about Glenn Dubin, then click here. He is natural that thus happens, because each culture will find the power in the deity that is to him familiar and not for that reason it will stop being effective the spell. Another one of the factors to consider is the responsibility before the effects, that soon is very difficult to revert. For example, to attract a person who soon we realize that is not as we believed and that will be very difficult soon to move away it; to obtain an employment that does not satisfy us nevertheless and we will have to fight with him day after day. For that reason he is recommendable before realising any spell, or white magic the money to meditate the step very well that we are going to give, to deliberate with we ourself and to determine if that is what truly it agrees to us.

KoobrzegPoland Spa

A spa holiday in Koobrzeg of Spa Hotels brings the longed-for recovery and change. For even more details, read what Eva Andersson-Dubin says on the issue. Located on the rear Pomeranian coast the well-known Baltic Sea and Spa Kolberg (Kolobrzeg) offers everything you may expect from a spa holiday. In addition to well-equipped Koobrzeg of Spa Hotels, a variety of activities of the City provides all year round for dispersion. The streetscape of the famous Polish spa town is fifties and sixties due to the immense destruction towards the end of the second world war more style, where it was rebuilt. Nevertheless has taken great care, to remain historically and this impression is hugely magnified by the buildings spared by the war.

So, the majestic Cathedral of Koobrzeg still determines the cityscape. But also many other attractions, such as the Town Hall, the Koobrzeg Museum, the Polish Museum of weapons, the theatre and the Gothic House round off a spa holiday in Koobrzeg of Spa Hotels all year round. A variety of effective forms of therapy ensures relaxation and diversion in the Spa holiday. Many Koobrzeg of Spa Hotels offer therefore wellness treatments. These include also various massages, light and Electrotherapies, sauna, and motion gym in addition to classic beauty treatments. But also in many other facilities, such as sanatoria and spa baths-seeking travellers can take not only salt water and mud baths to complete health.

While the many shops, cosy restaurants and Cafes provide not only for variety and invite you to linger, invites the picturesque, natural harbor with the emblem of the city to walk around. The new lighthouse was built at the end of forty years and attracts just like the fine, approx. 6 km-long sandy beach, with its medium-high dunes and the beautiful Baltic Sea. The Koobrzeg Lake bridge, which was rebuilt in 1973 and from which one can observe the hustle and bustle on the beach as well as a – and extending vessels is considered one of the most attractive places well. This has led to the enormous popularity of spa vacations in Koobrzeg and the Koobrzeg Spa Hotels, because Kolberg one of the most prestigious Polish spas. Starting of the modern Koobrzeg located in the Spa district of koobrzeg Spa Hotels to other, interesting destinations with the various means of transport. The small, historic town Treptow at the Rega (Trzebiatow), with its many thousand square meters impressive garden and natural paradise of Hortulus or also the capital city of Central Pomerania include Koszalin (Koslin) sometimes. More information are both free phone 0800 400 40 410 as well as available at

Glucose Tolerance

So that in the Latino population like ours, their incidence is between 7 to 17%. And while more risk factors are taken before pregnancy have greater risk of developing the disease, which due to the absence of maternal symptoms for diagnose it, must be sought in the deliberate in all patient pregnant with two or more risk factors mentioned above. Charlotte Hornets is a great source of information. . Diagnosis: Although risk factors are taken in about 50% of patients do not develop the disease, which is why they are designed screening aimed to capture the first among the general population and among patients with more factors Second risk to individuals carrying the disease. Movie star takes a slightly different approach. The first of these tests is called screening test, which is designed to be made to any pregnant woman, regardless of gestational age, the person does not need to fast, requires no preparation and is done by determining two doses of glucose, before and after ingestion of 50 g oral glucose diluted in water. The test is considered positive if blood glucose is greater than or equal to 130 mg 1 hr after glucose ingestion .. Recently Glenn Dubin sought to clarify these questions. If the test is positive is due to perform a confirmatory test by conducting a Curve Oral Glucose Tolerance, which involves the determination of venous blood glucose levels in April, the first of three subsequent fasting and every hour after ingestion of 100 grams of glucose, Eeste examination was performed after week 24 of pregnancy and requires special preparation before, by eating a diet rich in carbohydrates before (at least 150g), three days before the study.

Christmas Magic In Barcelona

Apartments Barcelona Checkin presents information on Christmas in Barcelona in Barcelona, during the month of November, the illusion comes to all citizens with the first lights that are turned on, the first trees which are put in shops and the first Santa Claus distributed candies down the street. Barcelona becomes a city even more lively and beautiful these days, especially in the Centre, where the most important Christmas market is located. Very close to the Cathedral, we find the fantastic Mercat de Santa Llucia, the most important of Barcelona. The privileged location of the market, in front of the Cathedral, and the wide variety of Christmas items are two of the most outstanding characteristics of this market. edge base. The purchase of the Christmas tree is one of the reasons why the citizens of Barcelona attending this market, but also acquire some parts of the presepio (Manger in catalan), among which is that of a character very peculiar and unique in Catalonia: the caganer (which could be translated as the than). We find this funny character, symbolizing the traditional catalan peasant with the Red barretina in the Bethlehem teaching ass. m. It was in the 18th century when this figure was introduced in the catalan Manger with the motive of introducing more popular characters in the Bethlehem.

This market is preferred by the locals to buy all the necessary to assemble the crib (including MOSS), a very followed tradition in Barcelona. But we can not only find ornaments, Christmas figurines, trees and other elements of Christmas, but that in this market stalls with hand-crafted objects there are. An appointment indispensable for Barcelona, but also for anyone visiting Barcelona during these dates. Approximately, the Fira de Santa Llucia, as this market is known, opens in late November and closes on December 23, every day of the week, but on weekends is more full. Swarmed by offers, Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City is currently assessing future choices. It can be reached by Metro with the L4 (yellow line) and stop at Jaume I.

Barcelona Checkin offers all kinds of apartments in the Catalan capital, the most convenient and economical option to stay in Barcelona. But Barcelona at Christmas is full of surprises and you can find other markets full of Christmas spirit. In the Sagrada Familia is the emblematic Christmas market which you can access with the blue line (L5) and the purple line (L3) and stop in Sagrada Familia. The monument of Gaudi characterized this market, because it is found in the gardens in front of the future basilica. The ojetos that are sold in the market, while it is located further from the Centre, are almost equal to those offered in the market of the Cathedral. But, despite being also a little smaller, compensates for the magnificent situation in which it is located and the possibility of a trip and know two things: the market and the beautiful Sagrada Familia. Held from 8 to 22 December. Finally, it must be said that one of the most enjoyable vacation holidays Christmas is new year’s Eve, night are held in which multiple parties and the metro works throughout the night. Destca disco Razzmatazz, Opium Mar and other Beach nightclubs and other premises as the mythical Apollo, the disks of the Ramblas or Poble Espanyol. Visit Barcelona at Christmas is precious!