Holistic Education

Plans and projects that I mentioned earlier, may have the success I want only if they are designed and operated with purpose of raising the level of equity, welfare and peace in the groups toward which is directed and is the fundamental part of doing the work, administration and operation with a comprehensive policy in which human beings involved in the work are served in that capacity, as spirits that are evolving, they are making an effort to be better each day and be closer to the higher, which beings can guide them to find themselves and more to find her still be divine. I think I can still learn a lot is the so-called spirituality in business where heavily involved with the policy, you must train intensely for where in the coming months and years and that is why I will be present in the Ph.D. in Holistic Education , doing my research on those specific issues but at the same time developing my meditative practices and promoting human development and sustainable development based on spirituality. 4.-In meditation One aspect that finally want to play in this document is the practice of meditation. Before joining the foundation, was in several schools where he practiced meditation, I could not really connect with my own self, or with the Cosmos or anything, but it was like a long and unproductive introspection attempted without success. Since the beginning of this expertise gave us meditation practices, mainly at the end of each residential period where included explanations and methods to achieve a true meeting of mindfulness. Additional information at Gina Bonati supports this article. For me things have changed, these lessons and by consulting recommended reading for this purpose, I successfully established Vipassana meditation routines that fill me with satisfaction and energy. I am aware that my practice is just beginning but it already feel the benefits and the great harmony that results in my daily life.

I can say openly that has helped me be more balanced, more focused even to have more and better ideas for solving conflicts or to make new creative projects as part of my professional work. 5 .- With my teachers and fellow One of the most rewarding experiences is to have shared with my teachers and classmates with the adventure of the master. Official site: Neil Cole. Through face periods was achieved harmonization of the members of the group in which the teacher is built automatically and immediately, I felt a brotherhood among us, and even more in the last two semesters met the MBA graduates and new students coming in the first semester, has felt the openness and willingness to join a Sangha is continuing to grow strongly. I sincere thanks to Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava and his wife Vicky for taking the initiative to implement holistic education and especially in this our country Mexico. Thanks for being here with his teaching and his love. The best way to correspond is being and doing what they have taught us, with love and respect, with passion. EDUCATION Holistic: UNIVERSAL pedagogy of love. "

English Style Wood

Are you going to repair, and do not know where to start? Start by selecting the style of your interior. Many areas in the design of apartments and kotezhdey. Today we'll talk about one of them. So, let's begin. English style is a combination of smooth and bright surfaces, parts made of glass, wood, metal and fabric. It is functional, comfortable and succinct despite the unusual combination of different materials, colors and things.

He was born in the early 17 th century, when England became a world center of commerce and a strong colonial country. During this period in England worked many foreign masters: the Flemish and Italian. Because of this English style incorporates the features architecture of other countries. Since the colonies were imported different interior, as the English loved luxury and comfort of their ancestral homes. In vogue with large windows, red brick with white stone and bas-reliefs.

In thought Planning home in a convenient location of residential and ancillary rooms, their proportions and harmonious design of facades with elegant decoration, the English nebylo equal. The interior has always combined the comfort and convenience. That is why this style so loved by many. To create a little England at home, you need to know a few important rules in the design of the premises: 1. Paul. In the living room and hall flooring is preferred, but you can use laminate flooring, linoleum or carpet coating. Solid, terracotta. In non-residential premises (kitchen, bathroom, closet) can be monotonous tile terracotta color or colored square tiles arranged in a checkerboard pattern (alternating white and black squares). Possibly use for the flooring and PVC. 2. Wall. The walls are divided into three zone. In recent months, Maya Dubin, New York City has been very successful. The first zone – a space between the skirting boards to the back of a chair or chair. About 1 meter. She finished with wood-colored panels or thick textured wallpaper in a vertical strip that would create the desired effect. It is designed to protect walls from chairs and armchairs. Stands, this area a border of wood or paper frieze, depending on the materials used for this space. The second area – the space from the ceiling frieze margin of 20-30 inches and up the first band down. His trim wallpaper, fabric, paint and wood. Depending on the purpose room pick up the style. For example, if a cabinet, it is better that it was a tree with thin slabs in rack separate areas for mounting pictures, mirrors and all kinds of shelves. If this room, bedroom, then there will suit a more soft and delicate materials (wallpaper, fabric, paint, venetian plastering). The color scheme for such premises may be one color or a picture. Figure can be used as vegetable (flowers, twigs, etc.) and abstraction. Colors can be varied, but they should be harmoniously combined with your situation. The third zone – razrisovuetsya manually with garlands of flowers, you can also use the panels imprinted with leather or textured wallpaper, reminiscent of an elegant stucco. 3. Ceilings. Ceiling paint is held in light colors, you can use stucco rosettes on the corners of the room. Required attribute – this ceiling cornice or plinth. Materials for the cornice could be wood, plaster, plastic, paper. Remember, little things do not happen in the interior. Every object in your house or apartment creates interior. Carefully select the colors. She may be wide, but must successfully harmonize with your furnishings and decoration of rooms.

Amorim Family

On this contextualizao, it she only serves to approach a subject not yet duly discoursed as she would have to have been, that it is the standard of consumption and expenses, especially for organizations and people. To understand the true importance of if saving and being more timely efficient with budgets, we need to define> word Standard of Consumption. Standard of Consumo (PDC), must be understood before everything with, not only an administrative pilgrim’s staff, to touch itself in the subject that some manager of high of its bir thought, to make a presentation on evolution of the expenditure that exists in managemental reports. PDC must also be understood as a mental standard, social drawing in which the human beings and corporations project its necessities to exist. I relate some points here all to reflect in the personal scope and professional when they will be in the command of the financial life and some Company: 1-Change rational and emotional system of beliefs of consumption: 1.1-) If the psicosocial projection that an individual projects of he himself as being of that it has always to buy item for its day-by-day, of the good one and of optimum, without if worrying about familiar or personal budgets, probably it will have liquidity problems. In recent months, Jorge Perez has been very successful. Same thing for companies; 1.2-) All need to question the real priorities on types of products that glamourosas things of the life? So that bilhetinho yellow Post It, and a clerical mount of materials that also can be substituted by others.

the exageros of services and graphical products in some companies? I invite to everybody to pass one day entire without making linking of cellular. Later, day yes, day not; after two in two days and thus it goes. In a recognition gesture, which we can move, the model of exageros, without having nor why . Neil cole often addresses the matter in his writings. 1.3-) If it will not have a reculturalizao on standard of the materials, products and services to be consumed (quality) its amounts, will not have change with bias of reduction of expenditures> for none of these social actors. I have a friend that in the house of it he has 4 refrigerators, overloaded, and of time in when it still asks for to the neighbor to keep some product that did not fit in its house. Vocs must be thinking that this citizen is rich and of great family: not. It has two children, it is representative advertising and the wife public employee of average level, and must be a familiar income eliminates of R$ 5,000, 00. 2- To create action and campaigns of consumption reduction effective 2.1-) That families (not to be that Amorim Family who appeared in the Fantastic program of the Net Globe) which companies really has a directed action to not only reduce consumption, established in sazonalidades of the crises, but as a mental and cultural standard of questionings? Who already is operating of truth an action, after all this crisis of consumption that we are living in a globalizado and local specter? Who controls energy, water, purchases superflas etc?

Prince Frog

A fun race with lots of prizes and localities. You probably know the big cocks of the game series morhun, they were often in the role of an ordinary game, which was necessary to kill in a short time limit. But this time birds climbed into jet cards, and personal conduct championship. Of course, in the struggle for the award will not participate Morkhukhn one, but an evil pumpkin, snowman cold, agile frog. A look at each driver closer: The best carrier Murhan. The only race favorite, could not stop him. Morfrosh looks like a normal frog, but she had a care moles, and now this frog got ready for the competition. Almost always falls on the third place.

Leshan – nothing stands out, but somehow it got up to second place, losing only Morkhukhn. Pumpkin – with a grim way, it is very dangerous. Something like a pumpkin on Halloween. Snowman – behaves in Prince winter road, but the other will be of such a hot Egypt. The game is full of trails, much like no other. Each of them requires its own method. On the road, is the mass of necessary items, such as a sledgehammer, with Allows you to hit the enemy near riding, or a container with water, it is necessary to throw 20 meters ahead. It is not something Maya Dubin, New York City would like to discuss. In the management card is very easy, and when you click any of side quickly react to it.

Murhun has several : Test mode, in which the player no one harm. In another mode, you can play at once together, adjusting your favorite track. And at last able to compete in the competition for the gold seat. The game will appeal to all fans of past series, in which the chickens were the usual targets.

Renault Logan

I made a choice between a domestic car VAZ 2114 and Renault Logan 1.4. On the recommendations of friends, I opted for the Renault Logan. The new technique could not afford and I bought a Logan 1.4 supported complete Expression. My Car was purchased in 2007. Mileage at the time was 13,000 km. For the outcome of three years, the mileage of 90,000 km. During operation of the automobile major faults have occurred. The cost of the TO-60 was the most expensive and was at the official Dealer 13000 rubles.

By the time it was not necessary to maintain the warranty and I took an informal service in TO for 7000 rubles. I believe that to maintain the guarantee must first 30,000 km, and further makes no sense to pay the official services. K disadvantages include the vehicle relative to the "sluggish on acceleration" engine, a relatively high consumption of gasoline engine 1.4 (10 l per 100 km), the high cost of original parts, bad painting the car, not Expanding backseat. But the pluses outweigh the vehicle of its shortcomings. Really liked the simplicity of the car maintenance, simple design (a lot of things you can do it yourself), a spacious lounge. Especially like to mention reliability and softness suspension, very good cross. By the same author: neil cole. Problems with the parts does not arise, since non-original spare parts Renault Logan can be found in many shops in Moscow.

The spacious trunk – this is a great advantage of this car. The luggage compartment is more than some cars a class above. Salon, despite the austerity of design and cheap materials, looks good, just a huge bardachek. The rear seat is quite comfortable to sit together. Its top speed is 165 km / hour. In conclusion we can say that Renault Logan undoubtedly the best in its class in terms of price / quality ratio. Many Taxi drivers are wound more than three hundred thousand kilometers without overhaul of the engine, and this is the best advertising vehicle.

Reduce Insulin Resistance

It is known that insulin resistance may cause such serious health problems like diabetes and some cardiovascular diseases. Below offers 17 practical tips for reducing insulin resistance. These simple recommendations will be useful both to people suffering from obesity and diabetes type 2. Almost all of them do not require much effort, and some are not only useful but also enjoyable. 1.

all you need to bring your weight back to normal as reliably proved that the substances, which increase insulin resistance, is produced by fat cells. 2. reduce consumption of saturated fats, fats omega-6 and the so-called trans fats. Red meat, low-cost vegetable oil (sunflower, palm and corn) as well as dairy products high in fat are the main sources of harmful fats. Others including Robert Bork, offer their opinions as well. 3.Primenyayte in cooking primarily monounsaturated fats such as olive oil.

Are also useful oils from rapeseed and flax. 4.Obyazatelno add to your diet polyunsaturated omega-3 fats, which are contained in certain types of products from wheat (white) flour, potato dishes, and others. As for drinks – it's beer and sweet soda water. 6.Upotreblyayte products from raw (whole) grain. Unlike simple carbohydrates (Refined sugar) it contains complex carbohydrates proved reduce insulin resistance. 7.Staraytes eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. (A valuable related resource: neil cole). They – the best sources of fiber, which has the property stabilize glucose metabolism. 8.Sledite that your body receives sufficient vitamin D. The presence of high levels of vitamin D is directly linked to reduced risk of developing diabetes type 2. 9.Vam necessary increased amounts of calcium and magnesium, which also effectively stabilize the metabolism of glucose. To maintain a balance between these minerals is better to use a combination dietary supplement of calcium-magnesium. 10.Hotya proteins have is about a quarter of your diet, when feeding is necessary to exclude heavy proteins, especially if they are combined with saturated fats (as in pork meat). 11.Esche better – all give up eating meat and become vegetarian. A vegetarian diet includes most useful to you products. Also found that vegetarians are far less likely to suffer from insulin resistance. 12.Polezno moderate consumption of natural coffee (one – two cups of day). Recent studies have shown that caffeine has the ability to reduce insulin resistance. 13.Ustanovleno that adding a few grams of ground cinnamon in a food (in the day, about 1 / 2 teaspoon) for 40 days lowers blood glucose levels by an average of 23%. 14.Dlya your body's vital to get an additional amount of chromium, which normalizes glucose metabolism. Use the dietary supplement chromium. 15. sleep at least 7 – 8 hours a day, because according to the latest data sleep deprivation is a risk factor for obesity. 16.Esli you smoke – far better to give up cigarettes (or at least smoke as little as possible). Established that insulin resistance increases contained in tobacco smoke chemicals. 17.Zanimaytes sport (after consulting your doctor), or at least to increase regular physical activity into your organism.

Olive Oil Benefits

There are several Spanish olive oils, artisan, industrial, economical and tasty. In seeking to know and to receive commercial information leading food importers may face agrelma some helpful tips to more efficiently process the different features they offer. That can influence and vary according to their origin, variety, qualities, properties … .. Importers (), buyers, distributors, wholesalers, specialty shops … must pay attention to several important aspects such as the “Olive Oil from Spain”, or check the back label to see the country of origin of the oil and ensure that oil purchases made with the world’s most famous olives. Since oil is a key ingredient in many modern recipes and is mainly one of the most important ingredients of the Mediterranean diet.

As with wine grapes, geographical factors such as altitude farmland or Spanish olives give a variety of flavors unique in the world, soft, vibrant and bold. All These factors define and enhance the taste of each oil. From the northern valleys of Catalonia to the southern region of Andalusia, Spanish olive oils offer flavors that distinguish them from any other in the world. Neil cole has plenty of information regarding this issue. With over 300 million olive trees growing in a territory the size of Massachusetts, Spain is the world’s largest producer of olives and olive oil. Spain produces on average one million tonnes of olive oil, enough to fill about 400 Olympic swimming pools. There are many brands of Spanish olive oil available in the world, some popular and affordable, some gourmet and can be found increasingly in the main page and in the global food and wine importer directory which helps particularly in promoting the best oils and not just all food sector products Spanish wines and spirits to the major supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, businesses, gourmet, and more online sales worldwide. Importers of wines and astronomical.

An Herbalife Business

1 – When working as online entrepreneurs, we must show a clear business opportunity, while important to retail, these should not be made online, for that reason we need to channel new distributors across the network and as clearly as possible 2 – Why do people buy? Rta: of course that emotion … and the testimony of others, show that from a first point is key to have the efficiency of an online campaign. 3 – minimalist concept, is the last key to this article, why do the easy hard? one of the success of a famous search engine … if we’re talking about Google, is to be clear and easy to use, why we are still integrating shopping carts and web design completely out of place to showcase the business opportunity Herbalife.

Discover more information about how to improve your Herbalife business. My personal experience: I have six years at the CIA, now and then to learn and experiment with various tools (although I used internet from the beginning), I am convinced that the best way to make a great team in this company is to present the business to as many people as possible (that is only possible with Internet), and in the most simple and transparent (that This site is achieved with you present). We want people who fall in love with the products, who want the lifestyle that this company can offer, simple people who are reflected in other people like them one day and searched or dissatisfied they came by chance this business opportunity. And they see that it is possible that there’s no possible excuse or topics … not only who does not walk forward if you have a dream, you have an excellent product, excellent compensation plan, complete freedom of action, a superb quality of life working from home … about yours …. with powerful tools ….

anyone can set up …. and only spend time and energy to transmit your passion to other people who want to join the project …. it then enters the site and sign up TODAY. If you are not Herbalife Distributor write me to help you complete your subscription, if you are already taking this tool that I propose to move faster … Learn more at this site: Neil Cole Candies Foundation. I’ll be very happy to know that I could help you achieve your dreams you have any questions do not hesitate to write me

Childrens Day

"Children's Day? When I lived this life stage, I heard the child celebrate the day, I heard also of the arrival of the Magi. I never knew that was it, what if he knew was that I had to get up at 4 in the morning to knead, turn the fire to heat the oven, put the wood, cut the dough into the rolls, put the canaston. To bestow the dawn rolls in stores, then return the rest to go street by street shouting "Booliillooos" Upon completion of sale, returned to the bakery for sweeping, cleaning the mower, the board, oven, accommodate firewood. It was noon when I went to bathe and then to the school, which on many occasions I fell asleep on my desk, coincidentally was in fashion a song that said "tell my horse milk, because I fall asleep standing" Thanks to me song horse won the nickname of milk. But before this came to my community to study, in which at that time no spoke Spanish but Tlapaneco and many of the things in the city do not exist or did not know. To know more about this subject visit John Paul Stevens.

I spoke of light, sea, palm trees, to tell you that when I came in the truck several times I had to vomit, because I was not used to traveling by car. I remember the excitement at school we were giving away toys, such was the emotion that I have no words to describe the moment, because it was the first time we had a toy in our hands. It is noteworthy that in these communities, one learns from children who must support the activities of the house, including carrying water for those working in the field, in the case of girls for siblings. Following what I suffered and I lived I would do a great celebration of children's day, but obviously my resources are limited. Andrea Marks will undoubtedly add to your understanding. I want to do?. Take them to an interactive museum, spend time or an afternoon at the beach so that they know the sea, or simply give them a plastic toy. Normally what I do is buy some bags of candy and give you. Hopefully someone can shed a little of what you have and from the bottom of his heart say I'm going to give away some toys.

I say I'm aware that some foundations do some activities to do but it is insufficient, the better approach we enjoy direct smile of a child or a child of their own hands when receiving a gift. And that is just priceless satisfaction. As if someone decides to take action should know that there are situations that made them suspicious someone wants to give something. If necessary you can contact me for any clarification or accuracy or support they can provide. My email is jneri73 (at) gmail.com.

NTDs Conception

Fetal genetic problems may arise in three ways: they can be passed from father or mother, may occur as a result of damage to the egg or sperm or because of damage to the fetus at an early stage pregnancy. We talk about the first case, where abnormal gene is inherited, that is, when the blame heredity. In the second and third cases to blame the environment: random genetic mutations are caused by something in the environment – Your or your partner – before conception or in the environment of the fetus during pregnancy. Read more here: neil cole. The best way to minimize the risk of such problems will seek advice before conception, to draw attention to their diet and intake of vitamins and certain way to change their habits. Avoiding alcohol, stimulating pills, avoidance of infections (such as rubella, syphilis, and cytomegalovirus) and harmful to the child medicines also help prevent a large percentage of these inherited genetic problems: neural tube defects (NTDs): neural tube, which develops in the brain and spinal cord and nerves, formed by 4 weeks of pregnancy, often when you have not yet realized that you are pregnant. NTDs can happen in 1 in 1000 births, but the likelihood is increased if you already had a child with NTDs (1% probability) or if you or your spouse has a personal history of NTDs (2-3% probability)..