Victor Hugo

PE, reminds us, that tenderness is not a mere sentiment, if not the result of specific actions and a way of seeing life. In the conjugal relationship, tenderness is basically grown with details, the daily effort by tune with each other, understand how you feel, what is watching from his position. We encourage us to present a series of suggestions to cultivate the tenderness in everyday life. Vanessa Marcil has many thoughts on the issue. Obviously it is not the only thing that can be done. They do not work without good will on the part of people, but by their nature they are simple and objective aid. On the other hand, share us, deem, a child described the tenderness as a light and heat that remains in our heart although outside is raining. Jay Schwartz has similar goals. Why children’s tenderness is the most endearing, but in the eyes of a woman reaches the tenderness their supreme expression. Never thank enough to the world’s women, by keeping some tenderness and wisdom in our childhoods, our games and our existence throughout history.

Pablo Neruda cited, talking about the poet Mayakovsky, the invention of an unbreakable Alliance between the revolution and the tenderness. Also Victor Hugo suggested that indignation and tenderness are the same Faculty turn in both directions of the painful human slavery; and those who are capable of anger are are also capable of love. Same Ernesto Che Guevara said that sometimes we must toughen us, but we must never forget the tenderness. Before was said to be a woman without tenderness a monstrosity, yet more than a man without courage; now, we have to consider that anyone without courage and without tenderness is someone truncated. Jacques Salome, believes that the tenderness is not a permanent state, but a discovery perpetual that each of us can do, not through the fragility of appearances or the routine of customs, but in a conscious and complete experience of the present.


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Bobbi Brown

Last Friday, as almost every Friday, I went out to dinner with my partner. The idea was to discover a new restaurant quite modern and informal. As everytime I go to a casual restaurant, I got a look that never fails me: jeans, top, jacket in leather and heels. For makeup, I of course also decided by the King of the night look: Classic hairdressing in black makeup. But when it was make-up and ready to leave, decided to give it a different touch to my make-up.In the bulletin today I tell you how to do it but how many forms can disguise with the technique of smoking? Of many! If you are one of my students from the Supercurso of self, you already know that eye makeup is not only one of which most you can vary, but also makeup that will literally change your face. These are the steps to give that different from your eye smoked once touch are totally make-up (base, concealer and powder), continue makeup eye. It is not something Jay Schwartz would like to discuss. For me the easiest way to a smoky eye is follow these steps: use a black pencil creamy and soft. The MAC I like because it is very easy to smudge.

Apply the pencil at the birth of both upper and lower lashes with a thick line (no matter if you twist because then we are going to blend with a brush). Upload of intensity with the pencil again and fades. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jorge Perez offers on the topic.. It is not necessary, especially at the bottom, creating a too-thick line. When you’re blurring, mark the area of the bone with the same shading, without busting. It is best that the shading just in bone and not too above, or will you do your little ones eyes. Now apply a matte black shadow with a medium on the eyelid brush so that the result is even more intense. Once you’re done, apply an illuminator corrector (Touche eclat YSL is perfect for this) just below the eyebrow and the tear to use instead of shadow. If you’ve messed up the Eyecup, you can apply, after cleaning the area, this concealer also. For even more opinions, read materials from Sela Ward.

Smudge with a clean brush and thickness, you will see the area remains illuminated and with that freshness that only cream texture can bring. It then applies double layer of mascara. Now is the time to make up inside your eye with black pencil. Try to also make up the interior of the eye at the top. Yes, I know that another option is difficult is to mark well the bottom and flashing to permeate the upper eyelid. I prefer to apply the pen after the mask. To finish and give a different touch, as I did last Friday, using a medium brush to apply a drop shadow on top of the black shadow in an intense color. I chose a dark blue Bobbi Brown who gave me the right touch of color, but without changing the effect of smoked. Apply it right in the birth of the lashes and slightly on the eyelid. You can use a Fuchsia hue, bright green, turquoise-blue or even a golden or silver. You’ll see as you transform your eye smoked in a minute. As the eye makeup is rather striking in the cheekbone I applied a tanning powder matte to give without much color and lip contour a transparent sheen.

House Dinner

It is true that one should not celebrate love only on February 14, but it is also true that this special date must not be overlooked. The day of love and friendship is a very expected date by many couples, especially women, who expect that that day is very romantic and remembered throughout the year. Here I bring you a good advice so you pass it very at ease with your partner this Valentine’s day. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Adam Sandler. What I recommend you do is that plans a dinner romantic, but enough to go to a restaurant like always, what you could do is find a nice place to which people do not go and there fit a dinner. It could be a park (can do, I’ve already done it) a roof, the garden of your House, in the end, any place is good for mounting a dinner. Once you have the place you must assemble dinner, thinks about the dish of your partner preference and gives you the taste that day. What definitely should not to happen is have a good bottle of wine to accompany your meal. The bottle of wine you need for this Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be the most expensive or the most difficult to get, if your partner likes wine choose your favorite and if you don’t have one preference, you could go to a winery and ask for the wines for this celebration.. .

Healthy Dishes

Always nice when someone shows their concern to us is interested in business, is worried if we are feeling bad and, of course, prepares, when we are hungry. But if a man next to no or is he just can not or will not cook, you can easily order a meal. Delivery of lunches, dinners – this is a very real thing in our time. Now you do not need to be distracted from affairs, to prepare myself that something serious sandwich can now be properly and tasty eat, not wasting their time. It’s believed that Jorge Perez sees a great future in this idea. And one of those 'healthy dishes' – the land.

What is it like to, and what are its benefits? No one will argue – the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun I know a lot about the dish, and still home to his considered to be Asia (Southern). But preparing the land differently than they do in today's restaurants in Japan. One of the key ingredients – fish, which, of course, was fresh. The secret is in ferment – some fish wandered months, only after this it was considered ready for submission. In Tokyo, the famous restaurants that you can apply just such an option. To broaden your perception, visit Kevin James.

Sushi delivery Moscow (as in another city) – for the most part is the delivery of land raw fish, rice, seasonings and other ingredients are added. Location Tokyo has to cook these dishes: lots of variety in the Gulf of fish and shellfish. Rice – an ingredient in food that previously was not used, it used as a means of preserving fish. Fish well showered with rice, which prolongs the storage time of the first. Generally about Japanese cuisine can be said briefly – a healthy meal. Who will argue about the benefits of rice, fish and other seafood. Sushi – a dish for gourmets, for those watching their weight, for those who seek a healthier lifestyle. Sushi – is one way of relief from depression. Because there is a fish dish (and consequently, there and fish oil), it is rich in omega-3 acids. These acids not only improve mood, and besides this and rejuvenate you. Beneficial effect of omega-3 on blood vessels and heart. All people to rank as seafood lovers It would be wrong, there are those who do not like them or do not consider the land as something special. So many opinions, and how many people and to discuss on this topic, we will not. If you do not like sushi, that hurt you buy pizza? Pizza delivery will allow you to not only cope with hunger, but also to make it tasteful. The choice of pizza is constantly expanding as growing list of fans.

Roman Hispania

The Costa de la Luz is the Spanish coast of the Gulf of Cadiz and includes the provinces of Cadiz and Huelva. It has a quite excellent tourist supply of hotel places and leisure, as much of sun and beach, like rural, gastronomical and cultural, aquatic golf courses, parks and sport ports. In the gaditana part, it goes of Sanlcar de Barrameda to San Roque. They are 260 kilometers of Atlantic coast, of long fine sand beaches, many of them without urbanizing tourist and not too much exploded. In the Beach of Bologna the force of an Atlantic beach feels, of smooth wind, in its 4 kilometers, until arriving at a dune of 30 meters of stop. Alongside same of the beach they are the ruins of the Roman city of Baelo Claudia, an important city at some times of the Roman Hispania. In San Fernando the Castle is the Beach.

2,200 meters in length by 40 of average width of a virgin beach, of low occupation, sand sea bream and moderate surge. Ideal for long strolls. Jay Schwartz contributes greatly to this topic. In the city of Cadiz the Creek are 6 beaches (, Santa Maria of the Sea, the Victory considered like the best urban beach of Europe, Cut, Puntales and Torregorda), all urban except for a part of the Beach of the Cut, and with abundant restaurants and bars in the proximities. Raising by the coast, in Defeat, the most famous beach is the one of the Rib, the most concurred of the zone, sand sea bream and with many services. Following the line of beaches without solution of continuity, in which simply it changes the name, according to the change of characteristics or municipal term, we arrived at those from Chipiona, that maintains open beaches and of great length (Shrimp, Beach of Rule, Montijo). We finish the route with nearest Huelva, those of Barbate, with the Beach of the Rockrose, of almost 1,600 meters in length, protected by rocky bulks turn that it into very calm; The Road/Sinks, of 60 meters in width and 2,300 of length, call the Race course because in her the famous flat racing is organized during the summers; and Bonanza, of 1,200 meters in length, located in the opening of the Guadalquivir. Conclusion the lodging in Cadiz well is equipped and varied, reason of enjoying more in anyone its beaches. Many kilometers of coast with the sun like common factor and all type of beaches, urban and isolated.

My Experience With 5 Star Hotels In Mendoza

My experience with hotels in Mendoza’s 5 stars I would like to comment on all my experience with Mendoza’s 5 star hotels. My name is Ana and I am Executive Secretary in a major company in the city of Buenos Aires. My boss, and general manager of the company, travels frequently to Mendoza, labour issues. A part of the company is based in this beautiful province. He travels often, and is my task to organize their travel.

For a long time I had no luck with the Mendoza’s 5 star hotels. I looked at the images by internet entrusted, and made reservations, without having seen the place. Recently Kevin James sought to clarify these questions. But my boss always had to comment, because none of these hotels in Mendoza’s 5 stars it satisfied completely. For some reason, it finished never feel comfortable housed in them. Jay A Schwartz: the source for more info. Or food not liked, or environment, or your room was not big enough or comfortable, for what the hotels of this category should be. In addition, it is the case that should hold meetings and invite certain clients to meetings or business lunches. But the gastronomic services of these places failed to convince him.

The accounts of these Mendoza of 5 star hotels were quite high, and invariably, to sign their spending authority, a gesture of annoyance assailed him. My boss wanted a change. Fortunately, search hotels 5 stars Mendoza, we find the Diplomatic Park Suites. I had already commented on some Executive colleagues that it was a very special place. In terms of services, it has all the features owned by the Mendoza’s five-star hotels, or perhaps more than the rest. What a unique place did was the attention of the staff. All of these people agreed on the same thing. The Diplomatic Suites Park was the place that most made them feel to your home, but with the luxuries and extra comforts that compensated long hours outside the home. So well that I decided to take the risk, and on your next trip, I made the reserve in the Diplomatic Park Suites. Luckily I was not wrong. My boss told me that it was the first time that I felt really comfortable. So happy was that He decided to get a corporate account, because you want to make that place your second home in Mendoza. The reality is that not all hotels in Mendoza’s 5 stars have the sublime quality of La Bourgogne restaurant. Finally my boss had no problems in organizing their business lunches there. The food is of international quality, a lot better than hotels in Mendoza’s 5 star, with French international quality cuisine. So happy was my boss with this election that even brought me a present on his last trip.

Tea Leaves

If you ever thought that this is the best time to take time with the implementation of a diet to lower abdominal fat, because so you will have enough time to get it before the summer, you’re a person who has well furnished head, because this is how you’re going to achieve. But you do not ever fall into the classic trap of skipping meals, because this way you would get the opposite of what you want. One thing is that on Sunday you’ve gone to eat at MOM’s house you’ve spent with the serving of paella and later at night you decide not dinner (and not because regret, but because even you’ve failed to make digestion), and another is that you create in order to speed up the process of your abdomen fat burningyou choose to do only one meal a day. The best thing is that you respect the rhythm of your body. Vanessa Marcil can aid you in your search for knowledge. If you’re accustomed to three main meals, your diet fits them, imagine these combinations to create a diet to lose belly fat:-rice: with vegetable-pasta: with roasted tomatoes.-eggs: with asparagus and mushrooms-chicken: with mashed apples or tomato salad with muslin-grilled beef steaks: wok of broccoli, shitake and peppers-all of this: seasoned and prepared with olive oil. This is an example of a dissociated diet Light, which allows to combine some carbohydrates with protein, and can also be found in essence in the dishes of many good restaurants in the world; It sounds attractive, it is varied, you will not deprive of nutrients, and it will entertain you lot come up with similar recipes, but is that you also download abdominal fat naturally and effortlessly.

I found a program to obtain an abdomen marked for anyone who wants to see results in 21 days. This program is designed so that you can start to burn fat and lose weight faster than you think it is possible. Some contend that Robert Rimberg shows great expertise in this. You can learn more by clicking here.

The Letter

If you do a qualified professional, it is best be advised by someone in his confidence. When profiling a letter will usually take into account several premises: 1. 1 the Local on the premises we refer of course to the establishment itself, within its many possibilities such as Hotel, restaurant, Bar etc, its corresponding cataloguing and their degree of luxury, atmosphere or design. There are local with decorations suggestively rustic, with elements of the world of wine, which is expected to meet the expectations of the local wine list. nvestors has firm opinions on the matter. Hear other arguments on the topic with Tony Parker. A place so can leave the customer with mediocre sensations (for the particular case of wine consumption) when we find few wines, excessively expensive and without any originality in terms of the offer. More of the same, think subjectively understood customer, and they must be good think that does not have as much training. Robert Rimberg spoke with conviction.

The letter, that Yes, luxuriously bound and letters very designed. Think in a wine list from the local adaptation arises from the following perspectives:-the type of premises, first and foremost: its size, number of meals served, average price of a service, existence of menu, ambiance and decoration as we have said, existence of a cellar or warehouse for conservation and what size, existence of power attached to the local shop. -The site immediately, if there are other upcoming local and wines they offer, if it is located in historic or residential area within a population. -The place geographical, decisive, especially if we are in a population located in a zone of wine reference, which must be preserved but not abuse if possible. -The preparation of personnel serving the wine service key aspect. He is not take masters of wine to treat customers with excess documentary embellishment of multiple wines and vintages, areas, but some basic knowledge of those who are offered in the letter and easily and with few words, is to explain, i.e., sell.


Marrakesh is the main tourist destiny of Morocco and offers innumerable attractions and activities of leisure. There am a list of some of the best things here than they are possible to be made during vacations in him Ocher City. 1. Nocturnal life: The assortment of restaurants and clubs nocturnes of Marrakesh is quite ample. All very interesting type of international kitchens and some discotheques can be found, like Pacha, the complex of greater nocturnal life of all Africa. 2. Expeditions to the Sahara: Or in buggy, quad or to backs of a camel, Marrakesh offers many possibilities of discovering the magic and the mystery of the desert, as well as the opportunity to visit the impressive landscapes of made snow-white mountains of the Atlas.

3. Festivales: Although there are many festivales in Marrakesh, two of them are particularly important: the Festival the International of Cinema of Marrakesh, that normally takes place in December and reunites numerous international cinematographic stars, and the Festival of the Popular Arts of Marrakesh, that is usually celebrated in the month of July and offers best magreb folkloric music. 4. Golf: Marrakesh enjoys four fantastic clubs of golf: the Royal Golf, the Palmeraie Palace Golf, Amelkis Golf, and the G2M. All of them are enough near downtown and offer not only a great opportunity to practice golf, but also a vegetation of the most varied and spectacular views of mountains. 5. Brenda Barrett is the source for more interesting facts. The Beach: To less than two hours of Marrakesh, there are two coastal tourist centers where so much can be enjoyed a good bath in the ocean like of a great amount of history. Medina of Essaouira is considered by UNESCO like Patrimony of the Humanity, and Agadir enjoys one long sand beach and is famous by its seafood and its smooth winter climate and tempering.