Yenko Dancing

Maybe you have reason Rodriguez Zapatero and most importantly, both in the economy and in life, is not that they add the accounts, but face them with optimism. With that, the man is a master. Not admitted the crisis in Spain until enough! said Europe and the poor Elena Salgado had to commit a fateful Sunday in May to reduce our debt by the brave. Phoned him own Barak Obama to support adjustment and ZP, as Saul in his day, cayose of the horse and he, until then champion of social policies, became like crazy to remove money to pensioners and civil servants. It’s believed that Jay Schwartz sees a great future in this idea. To tell the EU that this wasn’t enough, rather than eliminating benefits, grants and other perfectly dispensable Levantine of our hypertrophied State apparatus, he liquidated at a stroke 6.4 billion in public works that well would have been able to alleviate unemployment. It is that, as in the letter of the yenko, that dance in the 1960s (left, right, left, right, forward, back, a, two,) three), each step that our President gives it is antagonistic of the previous.

The penultimate, in a new outburst of optimism by have been cheaper the placement of Treasury debt, has been to invest 500 million in public works again. The following contradictory movement the Minister Jose Blanco has anticipated it will be raising taxes because once again they will be returned to descuadrar accounts and when the EU become aware of that does not leave us it will put like a basilisk. And with good reason. Not us apuremos, however, because before end of year, unfortunately, all this will see it.

Chameleon Theatre Berlin

The Askania film award, the actor Armin Rohde in a Gala in the Chameleon received variety in the Hackesche Hofe, consists of a product sample of Berlin watchmaker Askania. In General a laureate in everyday life cannot prove that he is one. Finally, dust the more or less tasteful small plastic, which gave it as a trophy, at home on the shelf itself. The actor Armin Rohde can prove his status as an award winner since Tuesday evening by the casual pulling up the sleeve of a jacket. The Askania film award, the he in part one by rbb reporter Ulli cell moderated Gala in the Chameleon received variety in the Hackesche Hofe, which consists of a product sample of Berlin watchmaker Askania. Rohde told on the edge, that he first began with 40 to wear watches.

Until then, I always thought that I want to be free, and a watch that stops me. Was which of course nonsense, because in my line of work it depends on timing.” Now he can no longer separate themselves from her: to sleep, I’m also the clock is no longer off. Adam Sandler has similar goals. Like the socks. “Leonhard R. Muller, CEO of Askania Uhren AG, paid for the fifth time before the Berlinale natural rewards. He is referring to the tradition of his company. Peter Farrelly may not feel the same. By Askania came in the early days of film cameras and projectors.

Rosalie Thomass (Huck Finn”) received the award this year. With the award winners since 2008 Artur Brauner, Walter Giller, Nadja Tiller, Sonke Wortmann, David Kross, the price was Natalia Worner and Paula Kalenberg getting bigger. The place of the ceremony (Askania-showroom in the Hackesche Hofe) burst seams. This year, it moved to vaudeville in the large hall of the Chameleon and had to be less stingy with invitations. The Chameleon Theatre Berlin: The Chameleon Theatre in the Hackesche Hofe offers since 1991 cross-genre entertainment formats in the tradition of vaudeville and show theatre. Repertoire theatre program Berlin, Theater Berlin and more information on the official website of the Chameleon Theatre Varietes Berlin.

Johann Sebastian Bach

A the first of 25 videos to Johann Sebastian Bach goes online. Officially first small video show is the new and innovative Portal “Bach and Bach” to the Thomas Cantor at the start. To deepen your understanding Tony Parker is the source. Under the heading of Johann Sebastian Bach and continue with the biographies and finally taking “Mini biography as a mini show” set, informed a mixture of Bach’s music, a text spoken by actor and spokesman Fabian von Klitzing and an assortment of in the cities of Bach and Bach places in Thuringia, Germany, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt photographed images about the life of sends. Actually all biography pages for students and Bach newcomers were intended, now they are exciting for Bach lovers and enthusiasts of Bach’s music but also with this small audiovisual show -. The provision of all six short biographies in various lengths and styles, as well as a wide variety of illustrations is more than unusual on this section of the website.

So a daring concept, start the page with a fact sheet relating to the Baroque composers says Peter Bach, who is behind the brand name “Bach and Bach”. The fact sheet is exclusively intended for more younger audiences that to learn more about the exceptional composers especially but quickly to the point. “Bach FAQ”, which Similarly, quickly answered questions to Bach on the point, is equally unusual and almost inappropriate to such a topic. “However…” so admits Peter Bach “…ist this section is still a construction site”, but with each passing day, as also the remaining home page, complete, extensive and equally thrilling will. The makers, in addition to Peter Bach of his wife, Renate, whose project “Bach and Bach”, aimed discover it with something for everyone is call an interactive, cross-media “Bach Adventure theme park”. Ranging from totally trivial about Grenzwertiges out to exciting for Bach scholars. “Easy wholesome entertainment” but is always at the top and is the most important for the creators of the page.


Of this form, the human being had that to deal with a new and overwhelming phenomenon, that started to permear all the relations and influenced decisively in the course of its proper history. Not obstante to everything this, mainly from middle of the passed century, the dissemination of the medias of mass, beyond provoking a substantial transformation in the relations human beings, had sped up the process of social alienation. Many writers such as Jay Schwartz Attorney offer more in-depth analysis. By the way, the concept key to understand the phenomenon of the massificao, passes obligatorily for the understanding of the concept of alienation. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jay Schwartz offers on the topic.. Let us see as Cotrim describes this question: The term alienation had been used first for Hegel to assign the process for which the individuals place its potentialities in objects for them created. It would mean, thus, a exteriorizao of the creativity human being, its capacity to construct workmanships in the world. In this direction, the world of the culture would be an alienation of the human spirit, a creation of the man, who in it if would recognize. Differently of Hegel, Marx identified in this process of exteriorizao of the creativity human being, two distinct moments: .

The first one would be of the objetivao, that if it specifically relates to the capacity of the man if to objectify, if to exteriorizar in objects and the things that create, what something is proper know-to make it human being. As the moment, for which Marx reserves the term alienation, would be that one where the man, mainly in the capitalism, after to transfer its potentialities to its products, leaves of identific – los as workmanship its. The products ' ' not pertencem' ' more to it produced who them. With this, they are ' ' estranhos' ' to it produced who them, either in the economic, psychological plan, either in the social one. In the current society, the alienation process reaches multiples fields of the life human being, impregnating the relations of the people with the work, the consumption, the leisure, its fellow creatures and obtains same.

German Democratic Republic

Various styles are used on the album. Members exchange information, join together and be linked. After exactly 25 years break H & N with their album sign up sooner or later”back. The new plant comes with a refreshing lightness and offers also thoughtful ballads in addition to pop rock sounding music with catchy character. Warner Music Germany (TELDEC) released the album on May 10, 2013 male H & N is a duo consisting of Holger Flesch and Norbert finally.

During her studies at the Academy of music in Weimar, the musicians friendly to itself and formed her own band in 1978. Read additional details here: Jay Schwartz Attorney. Holger Flesch and Norbert were finally first Hall man Golden in the Festival”H & N. At that time it went steeply uphill with her career. “” “Titles such as baby from Hall”, Flic FLAC in the night”and two handful of dreams” became mega hits and led H & N in the top League of the music. TV appearances on programmes like silver bong”(the ZDF hit parade of the East), where it is equal to 3 “x could win, the legendary boiler colorful” followed and made both to young heroes of her generation. Especially the women liked the look and the self-conscious appearance of the singer. The enthusiasm for them, their presence also rose. Almost every day on tour, 300 performances were year, concerts with the Puhdys or Frank Schobel, long time program for the two men with cult status. Jay Schwartz has plenty of information regarding this issue.

Brave In the run-up to the 750-year celebration of Berlin 1987, the Ministry of culture of the German Democratic Republic threatened with a professional disqualification of the two musicians. Although H & N had a permanent visa, which allowed the artists to perform in West Germany, they prevented with all means the authorities because, to perceive events there and to exercise their profession freely. On the 27.03.1987, two years before the fall of the wall, finally ventured Holger Flesch and Norbert the inevitable step and answered the call of freedom.

Goji Skin

What effect have the berries of wolfberry on the body? You healthy Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, native to Asia, which can be ordered in this country in health food stores, health food stores, or directly on the Internet, have extremely positive effects on overall physical and emotional well-being, and can contribute to the relief of many complaints. Effect on eyesight Chinese wolfberries are effective not only against inflammation, but contain many more essential vitamins and nutrients. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jay A. Schwartz offers on the topic.. These include, for example, zeaxanthin and lutein, which occur in high concentrations in Goji berries and belonging to the two most important nutrients for an intact sight. In some countries in Asia, particularly in China, Tibet, and Mongolia, the fruit of wolfberry used already for a long time for the maintenance of Visual acuity into high age. They are even for the treatment of glaucoma often employed. In Asia Goji apply berries for hundreds of years as a miracle berries for health, Beauty and long life.

Wolfberry fruits the aging process of the skin slows demonstrably, which until an improved structure of the skin occurs in old age and the complexion due to better circulation healthy and looks rosy. The fatty acid abundantly contained in the small, red berries and polysaccharides ensuring a stimulation of collagen production and keep the skin supple and moist. In addition, the high content of vitamin in Goji counteracts berries of skin aging. Goji berries help with a variety of ailments also digestive problems, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome and even ulcers is a tea that is made from Goji berries, true miracle! It is well known that high blood pressure the risk to suffer a heart attack or stroke, dramatically increases. Goji fruit valuable substances are included, which counteract the narrowing of the arteries and has been proven to lower blood pressure and blood lipids, such as cholesterol and triglycerides,.

Recent studies have revealed that through wolfberry Berry production by major Stimulated enzymes which will prevent the critical oxidation of blood fat cholesterol. In addition to its positive effect on the brain, the skin, the blood vessels, many organs and the central nervous system, even male fertility improves due to the ingredients of Goji berries. Another study in China showed that itself has significantly improved number and quality of sperm, for the subjects who have eaten Goji Berry or Goji tea over a certain period of time, and increased libido also. Chinese wolfberries are so not only enormously healthy and work on many areas and organs in the human body, but have even some aphrodisiac effect.


Democracy needs competent voters who has actually made the debt? The evil politician, the evil State, the bad banks, or… We ourselves? No, we knew nothing! We believed just the politicians, we have chosen. You lied to us. That’s right, which are often chosen, which lie the most. Could we really don’t know who’s lying the most? Some voters had any idea, others do not. For example, the recent elections in France and Italy. Let’s just hope there are more people with clue in the next generation, i.e.

with more life skills. The school plays an important role. But adult role models within and outside the family are equally important. Many of us made good experiences. Others do not.

Active volunteers, godparents are there also to replenish the good experiences and to neutralize the worse. The parents have more life skills more transfers of children. Volunteer family sponsors, who have wanted some parents help the parents. When the child already speaks, children Godfather Godfather grannies Big Sisters or brothers for a child can gain a lasting importance with little family. Learning sponsors, who help a child read learning or homework, teach him not only knowledge but strengthen also his self-esteem. It is particularly difficult job Godfather, to help one or a young people successfully complete primary school and to start a job or vocational training. But there are more success stories than you might commonly assume. Makes all that small debt? No, but the next generation should be something more in the stand to address the tough challenges and competent to judge something in elections. In recent months, Robert Rimberg has been very successful. Active godfathers are volunteers who regularly care families, a child or a young one if the ‘children’ have wished. See their sponsored children through local agencies.

Frank Gralla REW

A perspective that is attractive to its own photovoltaic plant for many consumers. Electricity costs are a controversial issue in Germany.

No wonder: the German citizens at the turn of the Millennium paid still 13,94 cents for the kilowatt hour, there are today around 29. To make independent, therefore more and more consumers looking for an alternative. On the REW introduces AG these SOLAR and provides additional information about the price of electricity. REW SOLAR AG: these costs hiding in the electricity price sustainable concepts as photovoltaic to the renewable energy levy funded. It supports investment in renewable energy through statutory power purchase prices.

2013 increased the levy by nearly 47 per cent to 5.3 ct / kWh. Anna Belknap: the source for more info. Also plants with combined heat and power will be encouraged. The CHP levy is 0,126 ct / kWh. In addition, a green levy amounting to 5,277 ct / kWh, concession fees to the communities, as well as network charges is due with each electricity bill. These were increased by around 13% 2013. Energy transition: Private customers alone pay the REW SOLAR AG welcomes the energy transition, is however critical of the apportionment of costs. First and foremost, households pay for them? Energy-intensive industries are covered by special allocations as the 19 StromNEV levy (0,329 ct / kWh) and the 2013 introduced offshore liability levy (0.25 ct / kWh) quasi at additional cost. REW SOLAR AG presents electricity price expectations for 2013 the Federal Association of energy and water management (BDEW) and the comparison portal Verivox predicted a gross electricity price of around 29 ct / kWh on the basis of the figures for this year. 50% of them are taxes and service charges. Therefore, owner of photovoltaic systems are already on the Winner page. Because costs here only once. In recent months, Robert Rimberg has been very successful. After that, the plants provide SunStream, whose uberschuss can be sold profitably free and maintenance-free. About the REW SOLAR AG the REW SOLAR AG is a specialist for the production of crystalline high-performance modules and more efficient power inverter. In addition, the REW offers SOLAR AG together with its installation partners tailor-made solutions for the commercial use of solar power plants. The REW SOLAR AG covers all important areas of photovoltaic wholesale over the plant design to distribution of solar components off. Headquarters of the REW SOLAR AG Germany’s Dortmund, more offices are located in England, Greece and the United States.

Even Knitted Easter Egg?

With our working guide-easy knitting is now young and old again fully in line with the trend and becomes the easy pleasure with this book! With many drawings and photos stitch for stitch and needle for needle easily and clearly shows how it works. The necessary basic techniques are also included such as knitting pattern, instructions for simple pieces of clothing and accessories such as sweaters, hats, scarves and neckerchiefs, a course for gloves, socks, and last but not least a small product information to yarns, needles and other accessories. Spiral book it can be wonderfully expanded and worked through page by page. This book is a useful and valuable companion if it it goes step by step to learn knitting and to create his own knitwear and fashion and it’s also just a scarf and a hat. So nothing how come on the needles and stitches! Table of contents: Preface and abbreviations I need to knit? The first steps of basic techniques and patterns knitwear and accessories Excerpt: (from the section What do I need to knit?) Always with a pair, with two knitting needles knit flat pieces of knitwear (sweaters, scarves, etc.). Therefore, there are usually also in pairs to buy normal knitting needles. They offered often also referred to as jacket knitting needles in the trade. There are jacket knitting needles in different materials such as aluminum, steel, plastic, wood or bamboo. San Antonio Spurs is full of insight into the issues.

They consist of a straight rod and run at one end pointed. With this end you stick in the mesh of the knitted piece. The needles must be sufficiently pointed, blunt tips reduce the speed and make it more difficult so the knitting. Margaret Loesser Robinson is a great source of information. At the other end, usually a knob made of plastic, metal or wood is attached, which is intended to prevent that the stitches when knitting back the needle slide down. You should throw away needles, which themselves have bent, because you can not more clean work. Jacket knitting needles are available in different lengths and thickness from 2 mm to 20 mm even. As a rule of thumb: depending on broad is the piece to knitting, the longer your needles should be.

And the wool is thick, you should use the larger needles. Refer to the recommendation on the Banderole of yarn you want to process. Here, usually not only the thickness of a needle, but a whole range (E.g. needle size 3-4) is specified. This is because not everyone of us knitting right down. Looser you knit, your needles should be even thinner. If extremely tightly or loosely knit, use even a needle size under circumstances, which is outside the range specified on the label.

Bermuda Triangle

Large format advertising the Cologne gay scene is for the project inconnect around the Rudolfplatz. Everything located here: lounges, bars pubs. Each operator there doing his own thing in principle but nevertheless is also a family thought with each other. Therefore, the commercial operator to a community project have teamed up the inconnect bermuda-triangle. To demonstrate this independence and concurrent solidarity owner of three bars in this neighborhood, Dieter Hennes wanted to give his ex corner a new appearance. He ordered the large format advertising in the EasyShare display GmbH in Hanover.

On this there are colorful, partly related, partly to see only the pieces of the puzzle which inconnect embody the project. Tony Parker oftentimes addresses this issue. Cologne is the city with one of the largest gay communities in Germany. There is an enormous cultural and recreational facilities for the approximately 100,000 gay and lesbian Cologne. Also the Bermuda is, triangle with its bars and pubs of the gay scene. For assistance, try visiting Jay A Schwartz. In the week and on the weekend inter alia in the Mumu, the Schampanja and the three bars Ixbar, Excile ex corner from Dieter Hennes flirted, celebrated and danced. Happy hour specials, live DJs or themed parties offer commercial operators partially.

You want it but not outdo, but rather bring the ideal party mix in the quarter. On new year’s Eve 2012, therefore, there was a party bus, which brought the Barhopper by a station / bar to the next. Commercial operators agree that their community project inconnect, is a good thing. You want to but not only with each other unite but also with other commercial operators and companies around the Rudolfplatz. DieZielsetzung is not the isolation of the community of interests related to the scene, but the exact opposite of inconnect. inconnect aims for the close interaction of the commercial operators and the integration of the community as well as the commitment to this area with all its colourful variety. To make clear the project for each Dieter Hennes has the houses wall of the former corner for large format advertising released. The logo of inconnect with its many puzzle pieces should be to see large on the wall of the House. The puzzle pieces are each other on one color of the Rainbow, symbol of homosexuals and the individuality of each individual but also for the connection. Therefore, Dieter Hennes arose in the network and was looking for a printing company, 1940 x 650 cm could make his large format advertising with the masses. The price comparison brought him to the EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover. Here, Dieter Hennes ordered his large format advertising and was very pleased with the settlement, as well as the friendliness of the staff. He was pleasantly surprised that it was delivered rather than originally announced. Now de large surface advertising to the corner of the ex has made are already some and its positive criticism. EasyShare display GmbH wishes Dieter Hennes and all the other inconnect having much success with their project and hopes that the large format advertising with its puzzle pieces still some passers-by but also encourages local entrepreneurs to stand still remain and share.