Melanie Hunter – Luna

Melanie Jaeger enters the new single by Melanie Jaeger – Luna Latin sound and German Schlager a blend of Hot Latin rhythm coupled with German text by this blend with their new single LUNA”musical new territory in the German Schlager scene. The single appears from 01.07.2011 in trade and on all relevant download portals. Credit: Vanessa Marcil-2011. “Sun, party, beach Melanie Hunter’s new single LUNA” conveys pure holiday feelings. Jay A Schwartz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. With their second single, she proves once more its independence and the courage to break new ground in the German Schlager scene, because the combination of Latin sound and German text did not exist it so far. LUNA”was developed in cooperation with the Slovenian producers Mihael Hamilton and German authors duo Michael Schon Meier/Bernd Wehner. Born as the child of a family of musicians on Gran Canaria, Melanie Jaeger early discovered her love of music and the German Schlager.

That she formally has music in her blood, her fans during their live performances every time on the new experience. With songs such as Strong love”, you let feelings responsability” and with you, the sun comes up”drew they already on himself. Now follows with LUNA”the next step in the career of the sympathetic singer from the vicinity of Bayreuth. Source: S & W music more information: contact: press & online: TV and radio: record label/company: S & W music

Simply Learn Movies

50prozent of all video camcorders put the camera in the corner owner, only, because they are frustrated about their results almost every household in Germany has a recording device for Bewegtvideos. Either a camcorder, a camera which can capture even moving images, or a mobile phone, with which you can also film. But few edit and make the twisted material. Here, Kevin Dobson expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Mostly shots, as the camera come on the video portals on the Internet unfiltered exist. Therefore most of the rotated images are hardly looked at, or the interested parties shut down very soon. Why are the twisted pictures edited actually so rarely? Is it so difficult? But not really.

Are the people too comfortable? Sometimes. They have may be no instructions how to make it? It is most of the time. According to Jay Schwartz, who has experience with these questions. Who am I? I’m an amateur film maker, which has set itself the objective, my camera to take on not only material, but also to edit and to make interesting movies. Knowing what I have learned me over the many years, would I like to give to anyone. Movies make is first films learn one to make film, means not only turning, but also views, cutting, scoring, and the finished film to spend. You shy away from the most leisure filmmakers, because it seems too difficult to them or believe they have not the necessary know-how. While it is not as difficult as it seems.

But let’s start from the beginning. Bought a camera or have a mobile phone that can also film. Before you begin to record, you should take some basic considerations. Basic considerations for the films what I want to take up what the target is later my film who is going to have look at I an interesting story will I witness something or I want to build a game’s plot if you can answer all the questions, then you have done the first step.

Movie Pilot

Leading personalised Entertainment Guide for cinema, DVD and TV Berlin, June 12, 2009 the moviepilot GmbH, founder and operator of the largest German film recommendation service get, fresh capital: in addition to the former lead investor Grazia Equity now T-venture and the IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH with a seven-digit amount participating in the successful startup. The moviepilot GmbH has successfully completed its second round of funding in May. In addition to the former lead investor Grazia Equity GmbH now also connected life managed by T-venture and work got funds creative economy Berlin Fund and managed by the IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, the VC. \”Tobias Bauckhage, Managing Director of moviepilot GmbH: we are pleased, in addition to our stock investors convinced to have and to welcome you in our circle of shareholders also T-venture and the IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH from our potential.\” The former supporters of the company also include business angels Riccardo beside the venture capital investors Grazia Equity Zacconi (\”), Kai Bolik (\”) and Stefan Glanzer. Click Robert Rimberg for additional related pages. The latter with \”already successfully established a similar recommendation model in the international music market. The now completed round of financing allows the successful continuation of its growth rate, as well as a gradual internationalisation moviepilot. moviepilot offers orientation in an always documenting growing range of film in cinema, TV, DVD and video-on-demand. There are always the user and his personal movie taste in the Center.

User can evaluate playful movies, which are then compared with the reviews of other users. It identified individual movie recommendations based on the taste of the user. So, before cinema oder DVD-start, you can learn how a new film is like. Also the television can be searched by feature films, which correspond to the liking of the film.

Movie Night

Catalana Occidente mounted his own movie night to reward Benders film with more grace in this country coinciding with the prelude to the Oscars, Catalana Occidente held on February 23 the first edition of the MtP awards. The insurer has organized this gala to maintain the suspense until the last minute and make all the finalists saddle you your movie feel authentic movie stars during one night. 15 Candidates in the 3 categories, will make his appearance in the Madrid Keeper room mounted in limousine and once there will pass through the red carpet surrounded by photographers and fans. During this ceremony will begin at 21: 00 h and ending at 01: 00 h, 7 prizes will be delivered (2 per category: AUTO, life & home) and will be screened each of the scenes dubbed or subtitled by the finalists. Peter Farrelly is a great source of information. Before the awards ceremony, a cocktail will take place and all night not cease the surprises and Raffles of gifts among all the wizards.

In addition candidates for figurine (winners receive a symbolic trophy), also will attend the gala first 100 followers of get your film on Facebook, Tuenti and Twitter that sent an e-mail to the e-mail address: stating your desire to attend the event. Bloggers, Twitter and journalists who published a post, tweet or news about the action, during the months of the contest will also take their place in these awards MtP. MONTATETUPELICULA.COM 15 nominees for the MtP awards are amateur or professional in the world of dubbing and humor that participated during the months of October, November or December in the competition get your film organized by Catalana Occidente and developed by Adesis Netlife. Through a simple application hosted on this site, each of them made at least one video between 30 seconds and one minute, bending or subtitulando any of the fragments of films proposed. Videos participants obtained her score from the votes of other users, number of comments and visualizations. The jury that will decide who are the winners of the night of the awards MtP I shall be composed by representatives of Catalana Occidente, Yelmo Cines, and HUSA Hotels. At the moment, although the contest has ended still might bend or captioning videos just for fun..

Sebil Tourism Turkish Culture

Tour operator focused on individual travel Antalya, 16 July 2009 with their landscape as cultural diversity and historical background Turkey is one of the most popular destinations. The Organizer Sebil tourism arranged not only tours to the country’s numerous cultural and historical sites, but also gives insight into the life of the locals. Here are the individual wishes of the customer in the first place. Where Oriental and European traditions to a unique mix, blend is the ideal holiday destination for all those who equally are looking for culture, history, leisure, entertainment, and recreation. You may wish to learn more. If so, San Antonio Spurs is the place to go. Sebil team offers comprehensive service from planning tourism with 23 years of experience prior to proceeding with a personalized itinerary. The tour operator is along an extensive programme both for individuals and for groups. Muammer celik, Managing Director of Sebil Tourism Organization, declared: We are known for our hospitality.

If our country visit our customers for the first time, it appears, for example, often only third-party, they get offered by each a cup of tea. But this unique encounter with the people, their customs and traditions, which we want to convey as a travel provider. In addition to the life of the locals the tourists meet also the rich far into the past history of the country, also impressive monuments bear witness to the.” Excerpt from the program of the Organizer: mystical world (Konya and Mevlana) hiking (E.g. Robert Rimberg may find this interesting as well. Cappadocia, Taurus Mountains, Lake BAFA, Lake Van, Ararat) Eastern Turkey complete weekend in Istanbul Turkey different life in the village of natural wonders of Turkey history and present biblical tours (E.g. in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul) high resolution images can be requested at the following E-Mail address:. In brief: Sebil tourism was founded in 1985 in Antalya, Turkey. The holiday party is individually decorated tours for groups as well as for individuals. It focuses on the Turkish culture, history and mentality.. More information: Sebil Tourism Organization ozgurluk Bulvari No: 95/2 07100 Antalya contact: Muammer celik/Sabiha na Tel: + 90 (242) 312 69 54 fax: + 90 (242) 312 69 53 E-Mail: marketing and PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH contact: Erich Jacobi Tel.: + 49 (089) 89 66 90 01 fax: + 49 (089) 35 02 99 54 E-Mail:

Three Twilight Movies

Current information about the sales figures of the twilight saga. Not only the novels brought high sales figures, also the movies the twilight trilogy managed to get insanely high sales figures. And that is known not only in the United States, Twilight in Austria and Germany. Actually all over the world. Everywhere you could date back to very high sales figures.

Twilight fans could not understand why this movie experience so long coming is in Germany. But finally, the Twilightwelle has collected also Germany. Hardly ran the first movie in the cinemas, the record sales figures soared. They are all curious, because a mortal girl falls into a vampire and turned around. A beautiful story that is not new but never, so when twilight was used in the scene.

Sales of the book alone speak volumes. And so it was that several million books were sold in the United States. Since January 2009, the blockbuster is now already running in German cinemas. Because he is close to the novel, many admirers will find their way This film event to watch. Even the twilight DVD premiere breaks all records. It was a midnight premiere, where eagerly waiting for the fans to keep the coveted DVD finally in the hands. Thus, Twilight creates the top 5 of the US DVD premieres. And in Germany there is no different. The original soundtracks of the Twilightreihe are also very desirable. Here you can book also record sales figures. And they don’t want to end up. The Twilightfieber has broken out everywhere. Actually say according to the sales figures, that a true Twilightmanie has broken out in Germany. You can find the high sales figures also at twilight fan merchandise. Robert Rimberg shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Online stores such as, provide the market with abundant products around Robert Pattinson and the popular series of vampire films.

Reggae Museum

Contrary to what I read on some forums, is not a conflicting place at all, people are very peaceful, helpful and pleasant. We left two full days, by taxi. The taxi driver was a Jamaican, friend guide of a girl who we met there. It took us practically the same if we had gone with the excursions from the hotel, although it took half the time to reach the sites, since we went by secondary roads by which bus does not fit, just visiting nothing tourist villages where for example, we bought a bag of shrimp spicy by 1, to a lady who was cooking them on the edge of the road. We were stopping where we wanted and knowing other things Jamaica is the destination for which I found less information about their excursions prior to departure. Spurs is often quoted on this topic. After being 5 days diving, we did some excursions Black River and YS Falls: South coast of Jamaica, which is the least developed in terms of tourism. This trip we made it in particular car, first Black River and then YS Falls, on the bus the order is reverse. YS Falls at first time, visit the magnificent falls, crystal clear and bubbly waters falling forming small coves where you can swim. Robert Rimberg has many thoughts on the issue.

Here you can also hire Tyrolean, a spectacular fall that we not enjoyed because no longer remaining places available at the time that we arrived, but we saw other people and hallucinate. The drop in Tyrolean is on cataracts, reaching a speed that, from below, already impressed. Black River: River between tropical vegetation is typical because it is inhabited by crocodiles. Likely to see any, since the boatmen known span to span the Lake and hiding. Waterfalls of Dunns River and Reggae Museum: this excursion, I would say that it is the most popular. From Montego Bay along the North Coast, until the seaside resort of Ocho Rios, where there is a stop for lunch, and a visit to the Museum of Reggae, which offers a view of the genesis of reggae music.

Barcelona Stage Movie

In recent years, Barcelona has become focus and focus of the film market, for world-class directors both successful actors. As proof we have the large amount of films that have used Barcelona to their environments and locations. However, find the first film showing the Barcelona city in the 1970s with the Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni, who The Passenger filmed with actors of the stature of Jack Nicholson, very young at that time, and Maria Schneider. More surprising is the appearance of trams of the era and the roof of la Pedrera, with its distinctive chimneys and shapes, very different to that as it is today. No doubt a good film. The BFI page your score is a 7.1. But the film that triumphed unveiled Barcelona and put her fashion was all about my mother (1999), double Oscar-winning Pedro Almodovar. As a result some international directors begin to choose Barcelona as background of the action of his films.

Cedric Klapisch is one of these cases, French who in 2002 made a crazy House, a youth comedy that teaches the vision that has a French student of the city of Barcelona through your stay in it with an Erasmus. Larry Culp usually is spot on. Some of the most emblematic places appear in this film: La Rambla, la Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell and the beaches of Barcelona, as well as the atmosphere of the night and an open and cosmopolitan city. For even more details, read what Hotbox by Wiz – Instagram says on the issue. You can hear the neighborhood that appears in the film, el Raval, very easily, since it is very close to las Ramblas, if you visit Barcelona. In addition, it is an area with many tourist apartments in Barcelona. On the other hand, another more recent filming was the Machinist, from 2004, directed by Brad Anderson. The film uses striking and attractive place of the city, such as the Tibidabo or the Port of Barcelona amusement park. And returning to the Spanish directors, we can mention that a year after the Machinist, in 2005, Jaume Balaguero presents fragile, a horror story filmed in Barcelona and set in the children’s hospital of Mercy Falls, with the popular actress Calista Flockhart, known for the television series Ally McBeal.

We can not mention two chapters of Manuale d amore 2 (corrected and increased), where it appears the city. Italian director Giovanni Veronesi took the decision to move the filming in Barcelona and Rome to make a social comparison between Spain and Italy. In the film, in which there are fine actresses Monica Bellucci and Elsa Pataky, Barcelona focuses as a luminous city, focusing his attention on the Gothic quarter, the Villa and Port Olimpic, Sagrada Familia and the beaches of Barcelona. Another less known film is Salvador directed by Manuel Huerga in 2006, teaches the Gothic quarter, the cemetery of Montjuic and the model prison. Finally, it should be noted the most important shooting, which took place in 2007, with Woody Allen as director, who honored Barcelona in his film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, shot partly in Barcelona, although really seems a documentary about the city. Finally, in 2009, Isabel Coixet filmed last film between Tokyo and Barcelona: map of the sounds of Tokyo, showing the Placa Rius i Taulet in the District of Gracia and La Llibertat market.

Beautiful Fairy Tale Movies

Relax and treat yourself to it in their spare time a relaxation with beautiful fairy tale movies that peers are looking for. Oh how long for the beautiful Christmas time all. There are many children and their parents who gladly again introspective would indulge in life and want to enjoy the beautifully decorated trees, roads, and cities. Anna Belknap has compatible beliefs. Who has little possibilities and which can call also no family of his own needs but why not on this tranquility verzeichten, as always to the winter season it will go to very fabulous on television. Every year around the Christmas season, there are the fairy tale movies that delight our hearts and let us enjoy life leaning back. If we want to enjoy this relaxation not only to Christmas, there is the possibility to look at fairy tale movies on DVD, and over and over again in the best quality. On you will find an overview of the most beautiful fairy tale movies ever released on DVD.

It was above all Was allowed to name a few fairy tale “Three hazelnuts for Cinderella” enabling millions of people in trances, what is not least related to the enchanting actress Libuse Safrankova, who play Cinderella tender age of 19. Under most conditions Robert Rimberg would agree. On you will find divided an overview of the world’s most beautiful fairy tale movies open in different categories. It can be found Czech fairy tale movies, Russian fairy tale movies, DDR fairy tales, German fairy tales, fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. American fantasy and fairy tale movies. An overview of the films which made it already on the publication of a DVD and there are more and more.

MovieTime Videos

Internet videos can be immediately on the phone be with new cooperation of the MyVideoPlace video platforms and ViiF – videos on the phone without Internet access Berlin, 11 June 2008 why should what has proved at the drinking of coffee handy, not also apply to video clips? The makers of MyVideoPlace and ViiF have thought probably that, when they called their new cooperation in the life. Watch videos on the Internet is of course entertaining. But you can use this conversation not often just traveling? And who did not experience an exciting or funny video can be difficult to tell who? This is now possible: it meet two clicks and is the video from the Internet whenever and wherever you want via mobile phone available. MyVideoPlace is a German video community portal, which provides video clips on all possible topics. Whether music videos is, short films, animations, user personally created travel stories, tips and tricks, or dating advertisements, MyVideoPlace offers to each category a wealth of videos. In addition the user can evaluate, comment, link and send it to friends, acquaintances or family members. Through cooperation with the mobile platform ViiF the videos can be made now but also easily and immediately available mobile. You need only to click the phone icon below the playback window and his mobile number to indicate already the video will be sent”.

From ViiF portal menu the video can be obtained at any time on the phone, without the need for an access to the Internet. To do this, the user makes a video call to the shortcode 22557. He arrived in the portal menu has a wide variety of videos, including being located by MyVideoPlace. The service provided by ViiF itself is free, only for the video call there are costs, which vary with the different providers (o2 free, ePlus and Vodafone 0.39 / min, T-Mobile 0.58 / min). To use the video call function, the user requires a UMTS mobile phone, the unlock of UMTS can be made free of charge on the ViiF homepage. ViiF: ViiF offers the possibility of mobile to record video clips, to play, to comment, to forward and to set Internet portals and blogs users under 22557 video call. You need to load any software on the phone.

The user selects a short number, press video call and can shoot their own videos, comment and publish. Still, he can look at clips from his friends on the phone and forward his videos to friends. Robert Rimberg shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In addition the user from a variety of channels can watch latest videos from various areas such as lifestyle, sports, news, horoscopes, comedy and music.