Esplanade Museum

The entertainment in the plaza never stops and is incredibly picturesque. Among many others, there you will find charmers of snakes, tatuadoras henna, tells stories, diviners, scribes, cross-dressing dancers, acrobats, linkages or spiritual masters exposing his teachings, street dentists, hurls, … Continue reading

Hernan Moreiras Autor

Classic examples of epiphytes are the Phalaenopsis, Dendrobium, Vanda, etc, while for example the Cattleya, it can be epiphytic or semiepifita. We then recall the orchids that live as parasites are those desabastecidas of chlorophyll leading a heterotrophic life (what … Continue reading

Cecilia Vargas

Self esteem is something that is learned and as learned, is subject to change and improvement throughout the life. (Cris Bolivar and Cecilia Vargas) Self-esteem is built steadily and throughout life. Acts as the personal characteristics are constantly criticized by … Continue reading