A Girl For Heidi Klum

Husband seal verplapperte is talking to US Talkmasterin Heidi Klum has wished in addition to daughter Leni is still a second girl in the family ties. Now it should have been so. Only a few weeks ago Klum Heidi, confirmed after Papa seal it already had betrayed on a concert by themselves, that she will be mother for the fourth time. Now, it was announced that Heidi greatest wish probably will come’s true. How the U.S. Talkmasterin has announced Oprah Winfrey on Friday on its Internet site, your seal in a conversation should have betrayed, that there will be a girl. Heidi Klum had only a few weeks ago the US magazine “US Weekly” betrayed, that the entire family on a girl would hope. It is the third son for the celebrity couple.

Her sons Henry and Johan are two and three years old. The four-year daughter Leni comes from a previous relationship with the formula 1 Manager Flavio Briatore, who themselves but not to her aussert and refers to… Seal adopted Leni, after he while her mother Heidi still know the pregnancy and love had learned. We wish you, Heidi and her family all the best. Lisa Walters

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