A Night At The River

Path of the Rio Achiguate, who year after year overflows breaking the walls built by the inhabitants of village camp La rod, carrying pigs, cows, chickens, coquechas, ducks etc. As well as beds, stoves, cots, wardrobes and all the household goods of the houses in the village. He ran the year of our Lord in 1982, I was a very active and lazy boy, that rather than go to work in the construction of the new and famous Puerto Quetzal, I devoted to wander through the crops of milpa, papaya, banana and cassava, which were the favorite sowings in the region. More information is housed here: Brenda Barrett. A kilometer was missing to reach the River, where crossed the hanging bridge and I was going to pour a few drinks with throated, that friend and confidant to my sorrow that he knew well save my pains by the such Mirna, which left me planted. Almost fell the Sun, when the vi, Jesus what they see! a beautiful, if very beautiful girl penetrating black eyes, wavy hair and going barefoot, walked along the path that shortens the road to the River, I said hello, my name is Rosamaria, I came with my parents to the do cut banana, you could teach me these places? Little by little I took confidence and we started talking the Rio del Sol, Prairie and the fruits and not is more, was dark when we enredamos in a frenzied hug, love at first sight I said, her fleshy lips inviting to love us enredamos between the bramble patches, I grabbed my rib cage where wearing the Atarraya, empty it and it became soft bedwas silent witness of that night that was mia Rosamaria. Not be nor as time passed I fell asleep tired of both game of love, the singing of an aurora, that which always Announces tragedy woke me up it was five in the morning and the Sun was already beginning to pick up on the River, still had smell of crayon’s lips in my mouth, I enjoyed that night I felt for the first time to taste between the bramble patchesI forgot the Mirna, I looked forward to my side, but he was no longer Rosamaria, where these love?Yell. Where do you hide? come to my arms to start the game from the love, I looked everywhere but could not find it.

As to the 7 dse the morning after much searching it returned to my makeshift love nest, and below the costal had a folded piece of paper written with lipstick, had a few words that I will not ever forget. WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF AIDS. It has life mine already never again walk the path of the Rio achiguate.

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