Active Information Security

CARMAO certified is now partner of E-SEC from Austria CARMAO as service provider in information security solution is certified partner of E-SEC information security solutions GmbH from Innsbruck, Austria since March 2010 solution. E-SEC with the virtual training company offers the currently most innovative approach of a security awareness software on the market: a company’s employees navigate through the virtual image of your organization and can develop interactive and multimedia aspects of information security and data protection is. This efficient and motivating method with intuitive user guidance joins a test to strengthen the awareness and document. The roles of the people as well as the content can be adapted and updated. This allows training new employees and refresher measures in the personnel at all times and contributes significantly to an optimized information security within the company. At the same time, private liability risks in employment disputes are minimized. The CARMAO so again complements its services in the areas of IT security, information risk management, compliance and privacy. CARMAO GmbH Bishop-Blum-str. 13 65611 breaking FON: + 49 (64 83) 91 11 17 fax: + 49 (64 83) 91 11 18.

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