Addio Ciao

The German version of “A song for our country” comes from Johannes Kalpers a lively tarantella with a large Festival character. Later, to Ralph seal 60th birthday in 2005, was the first recording with the Mozart soprano singer Kriemhild Jahn, who is now his wife: “I believe in you”. Also this title now exists in the German version: “I believe in you”, with a message, the most emotional everyone like opens and interpreted Johannes Kalpers of full fervor. And with the opening of the album title song “Sunshine and Rainbow” finally has the world star Miguel Rios ‘ Grand Prix RTL 1971 ‘ won. Yet it seems the melody of Johannes Kalpers written as on the body. But, as I said, there are to discover much new on “Sunshine and Rainbow” in addition to a few well-known melodies. A pinch of irony is in the Haute Volee abpausenden “tonight at the Opera ball” and a portion of wanderlust in the witty pop song “Eviva Mallorca”. For the theme love is of course also place: the melancholic, dreamy “Addio Ciao” unfolds in its own way just as much magic as the directly following uptempo hymn “as long as the world turns”.

Poetic ballads as “Grasping for the stars”, “a dream flies around the world” and complete the closing anthem of the album, “The final song in the night” this wonderful, touching and over long distances very poignant album after a good hour off. An album that would be a milestone for both masters of their craft. To do an album so not all days. This is something special. Ralph Siegel says enthusiastically: “a new Rudolf Schock with a magnificent voice born I found rarely as much joy in the production!” And Johannes Kalpers replies: “our cooperation can be described as a stroke of luck”. Now it forward, to present his new songs of “Sunshine and rainbows” live and in the context of his “is” (SWR Fernsehen).

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