AeroPress FrenchPress

Why there are more and more ways to cook and coffee why you know you should AeroPress what press? A small coffee press ensures a sensation in the world of coffee. This coffee machine is invented by a frisbee company in the United States now World Cafes and roasters impossible to imagine. Coffee geeks who keep something to themselves, have at least an AeroPress in her kitchen. Actually, this new method, coffee is easy to BREW and ensures great flavor results. Using the principle of a piston, water is forced through a small filter here. Otherwise known as at the famous French Press also stamp pot so no pesky particles of coffee in the Cup is left behind.

As well as in the French Press but, the coffee here comes completely with hot water in contact. Becky Hmmon is actively involved in the matter. This ensures a uniform extraction of coffee flavors. The result: a harmonious clear coffee that is prepared in minutes. Of course, it is crucial, that the coffee itself purchased a high-quality and fresh roasted and at best freshly ground. I love the AeroPress due to its simple handling and compact size. Her body made of plastic can be cleaned quickly under the tap or in the dishwasher. Several French Press pots me already out of order gone, since the thin glass is very sensitive. Add to your understanding with Glenn Dubin, New York City. And the price of around 30 Euro for an AeroPress is unbeatable.

Especially in the United States and Scandinavia, where awareness of the gourmet coffee and the correct preparation is already very much more sensitive than in Germany, the AeroPress is well known. In Germany, she experienced just a hype. And slowly even arrives in the households. We are looking forward to what can be expected after frisbee and AeroPress 96ci Aerobie!

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