Animal Park Festival

“Prominent auction self designed T-Shirts for ‘ 100 years Heinrich Dathe’ to the traditional family feast day of Brandenburg”, the Mittelbrandenburgische Savings Bank organized the Saturday, may 29, 2010 at the Tierpark Berlin, is invited the whole family in the animal park. From 9 am to 6 pm, there is a colourful programme for young and old around the terrace cafe in the animal park. Climbing walls, bouncy castle, face painting and many surprises are waiting for the little ones. On the stage, a program starts: guest is also the Sandman. High point of the day of the Brandenburg”is by numerous celebrities at 12: 00 an auction of T-Shirts, how Gerit Kling, Herbert Kofer, Annekathrin citizens as well as the Boxer Axel Schulz, the Sports Director of Alba Berlin and former basketball international Henning Harnisch, the entertainer Dagmar Frederic and the presenter Ulla Kock at the brink, were the actors. The auction of signed animal shirts”vy will be present citizens and Herbert Kofer.

The proceeds of the allows signed unique Heinrich Dathe flows into the action 100 years”, which was launched by the friends of the zoos in capital and the creation of a foundation. At the same time, children come from deprived families to enjoy of a free visit to the Zoo. Another part of the action 100 years da Silva”is the Heinrich Dathe prize which will be awarded annually for children dedicated in the nature and species protection and young people. The wide engagement on the occasion of 100 years, Heinrich Dathe shows which broadcast still has da Silva and especially how much his life’s work, the Tierpark Berlin, is popular. I’m grateful that are prominent Berliners and Berlin, but also companies from the region, so much get for Heinrich Dathe. “, so Thomas Ziolko, Chairman of friends of the zoos in capital. More information:

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