Anopheles –

Anopheles bring their first album ‘ human failure’ out of the Luneburg music distribution Lovetraxx records released under his label Rocktraxx of records the first album human failure of Anopheles, the band with much live quality. The English-speaking album get the typical powerful expression of rock guitar sounds roll awarded. \”Human failure\” to animate not only the audience for the purchase, but already many fans live by good rock n roll convince. \”As in the culture of sound of Konstanz\” read, Anopheles looks very critical band, the in their songs with themes such as politics, society, but also personal, as love, death and wanderlust deals. They call freak Rock\”their style. \”\” \”With courage to emotions and melancholy in tracks like The Lonesome Guy\” or miss you \”but also with songs like feel the fire\” or I Wanna get You down \”, which despite catchy quality release the rock attitude of the guys in the background. fill the 4 band members again concerts in its over 10-year history of the band. Anopheles is a band, according to Constance magazine rock n roll lives and knows how to breathe this without much frippery-new life.

\”The band itself was in 1998 in Konstanz, a town on Lake Constance in southern of Germany, by four young musicians Markus Balinger, Daniel Maurer, Rolf Beicher and Timo Zessack founded, under the name of Anopheles\” to make their contribution to the beloved rock music and to counteract its supposed demise. After the first demo recordings and the very successful number fever\”, which they in 2001 among the people brought the enthusiastic followers of guitar music demanded more and more by the stage presence of Anopheles. The band also won’t read their ever growing fan base waiting and appeared repeatedly on several rock concerts around Lake Constance. Anopheles sweat not only on stage, but also in the Studio.

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