Applications Seals

The majority of the security seal models or seals can be used in these containers, but everything depends on the distance to cross, the type of transport and transported products. A good example is if a container is transported locally (short distances, within the same neighboring city or cities, approx 0 100km) terrestrial route and if the product that he is being transported they are plastic bottles recommends itself to use a seal or indicative seal of security or for control or are of plastic or metalist or to give a greater security can be used a seal of security with inserted metalist. Another serious example in one medium range (from a state to another one neighboring or near state, approx 100 km 500km) and are being transported a container via terrestrial with cement, it is recommended to more good use a seal of plastic security with inserted metalist or even a seal of cable security, also is very recommendable to use bolt or security seals type bottle, without the necessity that no of these seals or seals is certificates since only it is a national transport, although always it is recommended to use security seals approved by 17712 norm ISO/PAS and program C-TPAT. Finally when it is required to transport a container to another country or with a long distance (Approx 500 km ) or terrestrial route, area or sea he is always recommendable to use seals of high security of bottle or cable with a high thickness and that is approved by 17712 norm ISO/PAS and program C-TPAT since these are approved by the EUA customs. Original author and source of the article

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