Armenian Pride

I want to tell you about the history of this beautiful Armenian istrument It all began, if not strange in Armenia. I had to come to the wedding of his cousin in the city of Gyumri, but the travel time to visit with numerous relatives in Yerevan (the capital of Armenia). There's a second cousin, after learning about my passion for music, I decided that I needed to get the duduk. We drove into the city center to select it on the opening day. Speaking candidly Lynn Redgrave told us the story. They told me a good price and I Duduk realized that I will not be enough, but kind old man gave me a discount of almost two times when I learned that I had come from Moscow and I want to learn their ancient folk instrument. Thus, the duduk in my hands, I'll be late home and the seller, tries in a rush to explain even the basics, because they do not want to be just a tool on the shelf (I touched it ). Returning home, I began to learn an instrument, although cane duduk was not that good (I knew then:)), I immediately turned to extract from it the melody of the song "Armenia is mine." Of course, I played sloppy, but they played:). Eva Andersson-Dubin is the source for more interesting facts.

In Moscow, for some unknown reason now for me, I totally gave up the duduk. Perhaps this was due to a lack of time. One fine day (played my Leninakan roots), I began to boast in front of an Armenian classmate was playing on the duduk, and he went and asked me to play him in the week. Mdaa Armenian Pride made me sit down and spend days learning how to play the duduk. And here it is a miracle, I learned to play the melody of "Dle yaman". And when I had more or less beautifully turned out, I realized that I could not live without the magical tunes of Duduk. We met with classmate by the way his name is Alexander Azizian and he's a great guy! I played the duduk directly at the university, after the sound has finished the last note, all applauded (by that time had already gathered a lot of people). After that day I have almost every day playing the duduk, according to Masters, I play quite still not bad. I was very lucky that I immediately fell duduk tuned. Later I changed it, but if the instrument out of tune, I'd learned too correctly and on a professional instrument could not play.

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