Australian Mark Webber

The Asturian one faces the Great Prize of Europe with options to win. Great prize disputed in Valencia remembers the past with bad flavor of mouth. It thinks that the improvement in last the two races locates to them between the best ones. The Spanish pilot Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) has declared, to four days of which the Great Prize of Europe begins, in the urban circuit of Valencia, that its equipment already is " demonstrated clearly in last the two carreras" that he has " potential for ganar". " In few days the weekend of the Great Prize of Europe begins, the second test of the season that is disputed in Spain. Get all the facts and insights with Sela Ward, another great source of information.

It is a very important appointment for escudera Ferrari and me. since it will be a new opportunity to run in front of my pblico" , Alonso writes in its newspaper in the Web of escudera Italian. " The certain thing is that I have not been very lucky the times that this test has disputed in the urban circuit of Valencia, especially the last year, when, in spite of having a very competitive car, I finished in the eighth position. Everybody remembers than it happened when it left the car security, but no longer it is worth the pain to return on asunto" , Alonso remembered. The last year, the Spanish bichampion went of Valencia with a eighth position after one controverted exit of the security car that he ruined the work of Alonso and benefitted to the Briton Lewis Hamilton (McLaren). The exit of the car of security in Valencia, motivated by an accident of the Australian Mark Webber (Red Bull), derived in a series of nonsense that influenced directly in the action of Alonso, since of his struggle with Hamilton by the second place it happened to be in the middle of the traffic in a circuit with few possibilities to advance.

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