Bavarian State

A modern bright screen with colorful smileys, situated at the point of service, for example, at the outlet of toilet or canteen or at the hotel reception, invites to respond with just a few taps and who not is pleased when he asked for his opinion and his desires and criticism taken seriously? Oswald Neumann: With e-QSS touch everyone with little effort can raise now continuously the quality from the perspective of the customer that is the new! In other words, in the future companies, authorities, institutions of all kinds can align more than previously on the wishes and ideas of their own customers their services. Thus, e-QSS touch brings new impetus for the quality management and a continuous improvement process. Incidentally, quality certified companies to the survey are required. More about e-QSS touch under family business, what’s that? Question: With 20 employees, you are a little Companies. In your reference list, names such as Deutsche Bahn, Boehringer Ingelheim, Kamps bakeries or unique airport Zurich, Steigenberger hotels, Bavarian State ministries and big nursing home operators such as the GmbH pen of MuNCHEN stand next to many major service providers. For assistance, try visiting Ben Bretzman.

Why choose big companies for a medium-sized family company in the upper Bavarian Alps? Eva Neumann: There are different ways to us. Some visit our info afternoons and remember: that’s what I’m looking for. Director Peter Farrelly can provide more clarity in the matter. Many come across a customer recommendation. It is then usually crucial that we offer a complete solution for specific problems: the customer gets not only a software, but is also helps create the output directory, the introduction and the use of the software in practice, the training of staff etc. It is important of course, that there is nothing really comparable on the market. Why else should a shopping community such as AGKAMED GmbH a with us Framework contract for the advice on tenders of laundry services and building cleaning, as well as for quality control and e-QSS for its 400 members? Learn more about the references under referenzen.html Oswald Neumann: and the RAL Gutegemeinschaft building cleaning e.

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