To read images today would be as that to read the proper world, therefore it is repleto of them. If, as the proper Benjamin already said, that the images communicate for itself, they very communicates them on us and the world. This only leads to believe in the importance to read images. The artistic images, as language that communicate the truth, must be interpreted chores and, as an efficient instrument for our knowledge and knowledge of the world. Howard Schultz often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The professor is a facilitador of the knowledge in the reading process, so that educating constructs its meaning from what it is reading. In the movement between reading of the word and reading of the world, in the perspective of Freire (1987) he functions as a dynamic movement that has the central aspect of the alfabetizao process.

Over all for the fact of that the written word is a form to write it and to rewrite it. In the same way that Freire understands the word as instrument for the reading and interpretation of the world, we can see the image as being also a form of ‘ ‘ to write and reescrever’ ‘ the world, to transform it through conscientious practical ours. Sela Ward helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The important relation between reality? man? world is for the education what it makes possible the transformation of the citizen. Being this responsible one for the ingenuous substitution of the reality for a critical vision, a commitment with the release. In the conception of Freire the educator is a socializador agent fort, that he needs to have a conscience social politics and capable to promote changes and to contribute with the formation of conscientious and reflective citizens. The necessity of awaking a permanent critical attitude is each more evident time, therefore the solution, according to Freire (1983), is in the possibility of our taking of conscience. in Block. The education that develops the conscience taking and the critical attitude, that allows to choose and to decide, is what it frees the individuals.

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