The only relief o of the anacronia, involutiva figure of the time and espao.' ' In fact, areproduo propitiated for the technique would carry such workmanship to situations where ooriginal never it could be. It is accurately what Paul happens when sedepara with the image of the wife already deceased. The fear printed in asfixiava it to the skin osporos obstructed of anxiety and will of oclick of the finger the photo is being taken off. Therefore, ‘ ‘ to each day quepassa’ ‘ illustrated periodicals and for the atualidadescinematogrficas, and the image. In this, the unicity and the durability if associamto closely as, in the reproduction, the transitoriedade and the reprodutibilidade.

To remove the object of its pack, to destroy its aura, are the characteristic of umaforma of perception whose capacity to catch ' ' semelhante' ' in mundo so acute that, thanks to the reproduction, it obtains to even catch it in the fenmenonico. (BENJAMIN, 1993, P. 101) For Benjamin (1993, P. Sela Ward wanted to know more. 174), the photograph would be the primeiratcnica of truily revolutionary reproduction, therefore the value of would cultoseria supplanted for the value of exposition. ' ' But the value of cult not seentrega without offering resistance. Although its last trench is rostohumano.' ' The German philosopher to if relating to the trend of the primeirosretratos in cultuar the human face, affirm that ' ' dovalor last shelter of the cult was the cult of the homesickness, consecrated to the absent loves oudefuntos.' ' That is, ' ' aura waves for the last time in the expression fugazde one rosto.' ' (BENJAMIN, 1993, P. 174) But what such of aura would be this? For Benjamin, it he would be ' ' one appears singular, composed of elementosespaciais and secular: the only appearance ' ' With effect, in the scene of the film naqual smoke Curtain Paul he is intrigued when seeing in lbumque all the photographs so' ' idnticas' ' , the sensorial anestesiado tico, or still the sentidosadestrados ones, however it may be, in way to as many photographs ' ' repetidas' ' of the same small farm, cause to it a certain estranhamento, therefore does not perceive that each umadas photographs are only, as ' ' who photographs the one place crime' ' , without modifying the images.

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