Best Movies

Cinema was invented by the Lumiere brothers at the end of the 19th century.On 28 December 1895 they projected his first film in which simply go to a few workers leaving a factory. The Lumiere made more than 500 films without a prepared script and without the participation of professional actors, i.e., the same as we currently do with our mobile. His intention, that make a great superproducion, more was the to publicize the invention worldwide. However in the 4th century BC Chinese invented a kind of flashlight in which inside wore a turbine which is toggled with the wind or a toothed mechanism that a person revolved. Thus gave turns a screen on which a series of illustrations, animals were drawn plants, stars, etc., which in turn, a candle in the inteiror, with its light transferred artwork projected on walls. All this was an anticipation of the invention of the Lumiere brothers. Throughout the 20th century invention was perfected with sound and color. The film is now considered one art as painting, sculpture or literature.

More precisely, it is the seventh art. In this article I intend to show a list of what I consider the 2000 best films of the 20th century, ordered chronologically from production. Any ranking of those circulating on the internet as this may cause a certain controversy because they are possibly not movies that should be on the list and others that if they are and should not be. For any suggestions or criticism to the listed do not hesitate in expressing it with a comment. The list is quite long and you can follow here: there are some movies that are colored in green.

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