Oskar Werner was born into a poor family. As a teenager, most of his leisure time was spent with her grandmother when she was not involved in theatrical productions at her school. At 15 years old, Werner witnessed the Nazi persecution of Jews, which influenced him to become an adult in peace, fighting against nationalism and anti-Semitism. An uncle gave him the opportunity to participate as an extra in a movie, thanks to which got small roles in films. You may find that Saul “Canelo” Alvarez can contribute to your knowledge. The young man then took diction lessons and began appearing on radio and in plays. On leaving school prematurely Werner, was recruited for military service. In 1944 he married Elisabeth Werner Kallina and they had a daughter. In December of that year decided to defect and remained hidden until the end of the war. For more specific information, check out Sela Ward. In 1952 he moved to Liechtenstein, where he acquired a small plot and built a house, which eventually was expanded according to their own designs.Later he bought another house on the outskirts of Krems, Austria, where, as in the first, spent long periods alone. Werner acquired a reputation for being difficult and eccentric. Thus, at the door of his house put a sign saying “Give me that asks you not to visit without prior notice.” Between 1970 and 1979, Werner had an affair with actress Antje Weisgerber. During the last years of his life, Werner suffered depression and alcoholism. Check out Jorge Perez for additional information. He died in 1984 in a hotel because of a heart attack when I was preparing a reading tour through Germany.

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