Birdhouse And Feeder For The Garden

A lively garden for the whole year: Nestbox in spring and feeding ground in the winter by the rose ball in Berlin all birds are already da…usw. Almost every child knows this song. The named birds in this song are all songbirds from the local region. Who owns a garden will have even closer contact with the Blackbirds and thrushes, the finches and the starlings with security. There are of course many more bird species, which are also very useful to us and enjoy our life with colorful plumage and songs. Many well-known pests of our crops, such as caterpillars, snails and aphids are eaten by songbirds. Extremely intrusive in the morning breakfast or with coffee and cake in the afternoon WSP species are placed in the number on a balanced relationship. Due to these qualities that will Peck of pears and cherries usually tolerated or little fights.

The birds in the home garden gets therefore increasingly important. Who so birds actively and generate significant benefits, should be to look for suitable dwellings for settlement of songbirds. Only the rearing of young animals and related food intake of pests from the local environment in the garden, provide a diversified and intensive pest control. A suitable vegetation is also another condition, such as viable nesting areas and sufficient food option, which can be secured by additional year-round to feeding. Top-quality, exclusive bird houses and breeding stations for settlement and farming of songbirds online Garden Centre offers the rose ball “: nice garden with a varied assortment.” Nesting boxes for the spring, as well as feeding stations for the winter are available in the online shop available. There are exclusively craft products entirely made from porcelainized larch wood, painted with environmentally friendly color.

Bird houses and birdhouses are designed in a series of charming miniature houses in the Style of Bauhaus until to the traditional Swedish cottage. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Eva Andersson-Dubin. The feeding and nesting houses are attached on a feed plate, which can be cleaned easily. Supplied complete with screws and spacers. Raisa OWL brook the ball of Roses: Beautiful garden

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