Blue Planet

Holiday on the Cote dAzur: rates lowered and new low season times “King of the blue planet” the Carnival in Nice motto for 2010. With Feelazur “expert for cottage holidays to which Cote d”Azur”can you thanks to apartments in the old town experience the colourful spectacle parade with decorated City Centre from February 12 to 28. Matching Feelazur has lowered its prices and created new off-season hours with reasonable prices. The Nice Carnival is the main event of the winter season on the Cote d ‘Azur. From 12 to 28 February, the “King of the blue planet” will prevail over Nice, who wrote to the environmental protection on the flags. Two weeks his Majesty as the mascot of the Carnival shows his blue planet.

The celebrations give an insight into the fascinating history and nature with amazing biodiversity, but they also conceal the chasms and miscarriages of humanity. The event concludes on the haunting, that protection of the environment and the preservation of our Earth challenge this century is. A serious issue that needs to be transported with much humor, ridicule, humour and poetry on the fixed parades and events. 20 fastnachtlich decorated motif cars move from Massena Square through the streets, accompanied by street theatre and music groups. The carnival procession takes people on a 80-minute journey “around the world and to humanity. Flower power sends his regards and from the sky, raining flowers thanks to the “Batailles de fleurs”, the flower battles carried out by magnificently costumed young people. Cars decorated with roses, carnations, Snapdragon and Mimosa pull along the promenade des Anglais and show the floral richness of the region.

It will appeal to not only Carnival fans in Nice this time of year. Calm and relaxed is now on the Blue Coast, where you can find in addition to the mild Mediterranean climate, especially with numerous exhibitions, museums and events in winter and spring. Feelazur fans can almost close the colourful Carnival processions experience. CEO Philippe Raimondi, a native of Nice, Saleya recommends smaller apartments for two people in the heart of the old town, such as, for example, the “Vieux nice” “(from 549,-“per week). For larger groups, which then rather want to escape the hustle and bustle, he advises to, for example, to the House “Domaine D ‘ Aspres”, located near Nice in the countryside and equipped with three kitchens on 265 sqm of living space, available from 2.995,-“per week. For this travel season and due to kick off Feelazur has lowered its prices in an average of 10%. Also further savings possibilities exist for travellers away from the main season: in addition to the low season Feelazur has set up a “season”.

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