Bobbi Brown

Last Friday, as almost every Friday, I went out to dinner with my partner. The idea was to discover a new restaurant quite modern and informal. As everytime I go to a casual restaurant, I got a look that never fails me: jeans, top, jacket in leather and heels. For makeup, I of course also decided by the King of the night look: Classic hairdressing in black makeup. But when it was make-up and ready to leave, decided to give it a different touch to my make-up.In the bulletin today I tell you how to do it but how many forms can disguise with the technique of smoking? Of many! If you are one of my students from the Supercurso of self, you already know that eye makeup is not only one of which most you can vary, but also makeup that will literally change your face. These are the steps to give that different from your eye smoked once touch are totally make-up (base, concealer and powder), continue makeup eye. For me the easiest way to a smoky eye is follow these steps: use a black pencil creamy and soft. The MAC I like because it is very easy to smudge.

Apply the pencil at the birth of both upper and lower lashes with a thick line (no matter if you twist because then we are going to blend with a brush). Upload of intensity with the pencil again and fades. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jorge Perez offers on the topic.. It is not necessary, especially at the bottom, creating a too-thick line. When you’re blurring, mark the area of the bone with the same shading, without busting. It is best that the shading just in bone and not too above, or will you do your little ones eyes. Now apply a matte black shadow with a medium on the eyelid brush so that the result is even more intense. Once you’re done, apply an illuminator corrector (Touche eclat YSL is perfect for this) just below the eyebrow and the tear to use instead of shadow. If you’ve messed up the Eyecup, you can apply, after cleaning the area, this concealer also. For even more opinions, read materials from Sela Ward.

Smudge with a clean brush and thickness, you will see the area remains illuminated and with that freshness that only cream texture can bring. It then applies double layer of mascara. Now is the time to make up inside your eye with black pencil. Try to also make up the interior of the eye at the top. Yes, I know that another option is difficult is to mark well the bottom and flashing to permeate the upper eyelid. I prefer to apply the pen after the mask. To finish and give a different touch, as I did last Friday, using a medium brush to apply a drop shadow on top of the black shadow in an intense color. I chose a dark blue Bobbi Brown who gave me the right touch of color, but without changing the effect of smoked. Apply it right in the birth of the lashes and slightly on the eyelid. You can use a Fuchsia hue, bright green, turquoise-blue or even a golden or silver. You’ll see as you transform your eye smoked in a minute. As the eye makeup is rather striking in the cheekbone I applied a tanning powder matte to give without much color and lip contour a transparent sheen.

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