Buddhist Gompas

India is a country that enchants by its beauty, diversity, colors, and culture, a universe of endless new experiences, surprises and in some cases of revelations. It is located to the South of Asia, between the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, the India has a total area of 3.287.590 km2, more than one-third of the United States.UU. Its borders border with Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Myanmar, the China, the Nepal and Pakistan. The diversity of the terrain changes as we are in the high ridges of the southern Deccan, sinuous and flat plains of the Ganges, the deserts of the West or the stunning Himalayas, to the North of the country, where the Summit of Kangchenjunga, the highest point of the entire India (8.598 m). For lovers of adventure travel this country offers huge possibilities according to the region you visit, a journey only for connoisseurs that gives the possibility to know as representative of India. To the North of the India you can discover: the Rajasthan and the Thar desert.

The palaces of maharajas, strengths. Hindu temples, the Gurudwaras Sikh, the Jains and the mosques. In Nepal there are central, villages at the foot of the Himalayas and Bandipur, Pokhara with incredible scenery and majestic mountains valleys. The Buddhist Gompas in Nepal and their Stupas. A variety of people, religions and landscapes that will surprise you every time.

Birthplace of two of the great religions, but at the same time, modernity faced with the slow pace of rural, yet deeply traditional. Varanasi: It is the most sacred city of the India, and there enjoy the wards that end each evening in the Ganges, its offerings and ceremonies in the sacred river. A journey for those who wish to learn about different cultures, those who do not conform with visiting the tourist meccas of India, but want to know the personality of this unique land. If you instead decide to start with a trip to the South of the India, will trap the absence of mass tourism, so affable character of its people and the beautiful landscapes that make an unforgettable journey, South India knowing the caves of Ajanta and Ellora, which counts with teeming with galleries of reliefs, heritage of humanity. Badami caves are in Bombay. Karnataka surprises with its ancestral anchored temples and spirituality.

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