Canal Caracol

We all know that Marbella is a temperamental woman and direct in her opinions. when she do not like something, just do not swallow it, or wields hypocrisy, as happened at the press conference when a reporter boldly asked the Queen of tecnocarrilera if he had smoked marijuana and if somehow he was not exploiting his daughter getting involved in the project of “Amor Sincero” Marbelle stood from his chair and after tremendous left the room slamming the door seals the interview. “Sincere Love is a life story of a Colombian as anyone who has cost sacrifice, tears and perseverance to achieve their dreams, is produced without false pretenses to see family. That said … no doubt that the actress is wearing Marcela Benjumea the interpretation Marbelle’s mother, never seen him so much so permeated with a character, as it is with Yamile and that is reflected on the screen, literally devours her scenes and without fear we can conclude that Marcela and small debutante Rafaela, are stealing the show at this early stage of history. The background concern is knowing that the public reaction will appear on the scene when Laura Rodriguez, the girl that had characterized Marbelle in his youth, his charisma is append “which leaves the small Rafaela?, With an actress of the stature of a Marcela Benjumea his side, is likely to take to float the participation of the debutante actress.

Also discussed the story of “true love” exclude the dark episodes of the life of the “queen of the tecnocarrilera” among those who consider the judicial mess struck her ex-husband Royne Chavez who took him to jail for illicit enrichment, Statements of Royne Jr., stepson of the singer, on the alleged affair he held 15 years with Marbelle, while his father was in jail and that she has always denied to the hilt, calling this version as delusions cute teenager unfounded. It is said that Marbelle no longer walks, but it hovers due to the success of his novel “Amor Sincero” undrinkable and walk with their poses and requirements of Diva, in the end her story captures the attention of half the country and has rating the lead back to Canal RCN, severely beaten in 2009. Hopefully Marbelle not lose your perspective and stop senselessly intoxicated by the trappings of fame, as fleeting as treacherous. We could conclude that for the moment “sincere love” completely eclipsed the new launch of Canal Caracol “I’m not asking for the moon”, which is released as an actress singer Anasol, a stranger in these parts, but achieved some recognition with his music in Mexico and Latin American area two years ago. The attempt to change abruptly the gender of a singer, not all equidistant other times produces a favorable effect on the public, I believe that Anasol fatal heard singing “sheet music”, I am fan number one of these melodies and my impression when heard was that the girl does not feel at all comfortable, makes strenuous efforts to give a personal tinge to these jewels of the eighties music, but all that does is ruin your voice fascia. There is an adage that says “Coca Cola kills red”, this time referring to what happens with this new confrontation telenovela, we would say: “Marbelle Anasol kills” in the best sense of the word when it comes to choosing options.

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