I am the third time I come to Turkey in early spring and has already become a 'sympathetic' Turkish spring holiday and an active lobbyist for a hanging in a circle of friends. Turkish spring caress the eyes and the body does not burn. Seldom here it is so comfortable as in late winter – early spring. Day was hot and the sun is necessary to use sunscreen in the morning and evening, you still need light jackets and sviterki for walks by the sea. Hotels gradually introduce the whole animation program. Source: Sally Rooney.

The composition of mixed holiday – in part because fans quiet secluded relaxation, part of the family fleeing from the central belt of bad weather and constant flu viruses, some German retired but comes and youth. In the old town new assortment of souvenirs and sweets waiting for new tourists. Low season – the perfect time for shopping, all sellers are willing to bring down the price of its product – whether it's leather , furs or authentic gold jewelry and silver. In the hotel, visit the traditional Turkish bath – Hamam, especially since in most hotels, this service is provided free of charge, and if finances allow, then need to order a course of massages. Even the most backward tourist knows that Turkey – is not only the beds by the pool and board "all inclusive", but also a very interesting cultural and entertaining program. Wide choice excursions to historic and cultural monuments of Turkey leave you unforgettable impressions. Ancient sights of Antalya, Pamukkale, a natural reserve, an ancient city of Ephesus, Cappadocia-walk on these unique places are much nicer early in the season than in summer sultry weather. During the early start to the season, but the lack of heat, agitate strongly and prices of tours, which are now much cheaper than in summer.

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