Carla Bruni: ” I Will Protect Son Of The Exhibition Pblica”

It made a month and a half that Carla Bruni did not let itself see in public. And now it has announced that indeed a month and a half is the time that it has left to give to light its second son, first whom it will have like first lady of France, fruit of its marriage with Nicholas Sarkozy. In an interview granted exclusively to the television network TF1, Bruni it has assured that it does not know the sex of the future young because it has chosen so that is " one sorpresa". In addition, Bruni has affirmed that it does not have preference so that he is a boy or a girl, after responding with irony to the question of if it is going to be a boy, like has been published, that " to the press it knows it better than yo". If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jorge Perez. Than yes it is safe Bruni, is that " to set out to my children my public image troubles enormemente&quot to me;. The singer already is mother of a boy of 11 years (Aurlien), fruit of a previous union with philosopher Raphal Enthoven. Source of the news: : Carla Bruni: " I will protect son of the exhibition pblica"

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