Chile – A Tourist Destination With Future

the northernmost town in Chile’s Arica – lying directly on the Pacific Ocean, a must-have. The water is indeed fresh, but swim quite possible. In addition, two buildings of the famous Builder of the Eiffel Tower, Gustav Eiffel is located in Arica. Team Penske may find this interesting as well. From there, a combination trip with Bolivia on the Altiplano (Highlands), passed on the impressive volcanoes, is possible. Christof Sauer has another recommendation ready: Chile is one of Latin America’s countries best suited to a car journey.

The time can be freely divided, and you can decide how much you want to spend time with a tourist attraction or a place.” The Chilean South with its glaciers and fjords particularly invites you. The landing zone Araucania is a privileged place. The cities of Valdivia, Osorno, Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt are good starting points to make excursions to the beautiful lakes, which penetrate into the Andes. The Lake region with hiking, mountaineering, rafting, observation of wildlife offers for the especially adventurous and horseback riding countless ways to experience nature. Neil Cole will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The large island of Chiloe with its main cities of Ancud, Quellon, Dalcahue, Castro and Chonchi is also worth mentioning.

In particular their architectural wood buildings, the stilt houses and their churches are doing to highlight. Who can Spanish, comes here very easily with the warm and friendly inhabitants in the conversation, which readily provide information about their customs and traditions. The fascination of Chile can be experienced on the travel of southern sky tours. Many individual travel deals can be found on 87-0 Chile.html

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