Contracting Parties

To manage the following basic information with the contract management ECSpand: contract master date maturities and periods of notice other contractual terms contractual costs of contract documents and versions tasks notes notifications permissions information to certain types of contracts or information specifically for your company, you can manage in addition without restrictions. This includes E.g. the acquisition of discount conditions at supplier contracts or condition changes in season lease. SEARCHING and finding the contract file, moreover, are functions available for simple searches, viewing, archiving and structuring the contract information and contract documents. The storage is carried out according to the File principle, according to the contract information and contractual documents are managed together with logical contract files. The contract file of a solution corresponds to in the paper-based form in a Manila file folder, on whose cover important details of the contract are found and containing notes or the communication between the Contracting Parties in addition to the signed contract.

While you but may need to make multiple copies for different departments for paper-based contracts, an electronic contract file offers multiple views and evaluation criteria, so that different departments and officers find the contract information for the relevant search criteria. While E.g. the accounting manages customer contracts for customer numbers, a salesperson finds may be on a specific region or a postal code area. In addition, the contract management with the help of the underlying SharePoint infrastructure allows a simple full-text search, text fragments and keywords from the Contract documents can be found. EKE out a meeting and negotiating design terms of contracts is often very different. Because there must be a defined end of the contract to a contract not forced laufig, information as to the minimum contract period or automatic renewal can be stored. To broaden your perception, visit Jorge Perez. About the notice period in months and the employee gungswirkung, the termination date is determined automatically.

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