Of this form, the human being had that to deal with a new and overwhelming phenomenon, that started to permear all the relations and influenced decisively in the course of its proper history. Not obstante to everything this, mainly from middle of the passed century, the dissemination of the medias of mass, beyond provoking a substantial transformation in the relations human beings, had sped up the process of social alienation. Many writers such as Jay Schwartz Attorney offer more in-depth analysis. By the way, the concept key to understand the phenomenon of the massificao, passes obligatorily for the understanding of the concept of alienation. Let us see as Cotrim describes this question: The term alienation had been used first for Hegel to assign the process for which the individuals place its potentialities in objects for them created. It would mean, thus, a exteriorizao of the creativity human being, its capacity to construct workmanships in the world. In this direction, the world of the culture would be an alienation of the human spirit, a creation of the man, who in it if would recognize. Differently of Hegel, Marx identified in this process of exteriorizao of the creativity human being, two distinct moments: .

The first one would be of the objetivao, that if it specifically relates to the capacity of the man if to objectify, if to exteriorizar in objects and the things that create, what something is proper know-to make it human being. As the moment, for which Marx reserves the term alienation, would be that one where the man, mainly in the capitalism, after to transfer its potentialities to its products, leaves of identific – los as workmanship its. The products ' ' not pertencem' ' more to it produced who them. With this, they are ' ' estranhos' ' to it produced who them, either in the economic, psychological plan, either in the social one. In the current society, the alienation process reaches multiples fields of the life human being, impregnating the relations of the people with the work, the consumption, the leisure, its fellow creatures and obtains same.

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