Culture and Change

LANDMARKS HISS OF OAK CULTURE, CHANGE AND TAKING OF DECISIONS IN THE ORGANIZATION ' ' Article considered and developed for the necessity to find solutions adequate to be taken before diverse organizaes' ' Salvador BA 2011 Summary: The organizacional culture if in accordance with establishes the intensification of the relations of its components, the human beings. With the convivncia if it identifies the formation of groups, are these groups that will go to face the changes generated for the new configuration of the world, since the administration must guide and manage the social groups in way to motivate them to face it the difficulties that they turn to exist. The responsible one for the good administration must use the data base that the technology offers, diagnosising information, since the market, of preference of the customer until referring data to the employees. Words key: Organizacional culture, taking of decisions, countable change, systems of information Abstract: Organizational culture is defined according you the intensification of relations of its components, humans. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Tony Parker by clicking through. With the coexistence identifies the formation of groups, these ploughs groups that will face the changes brought by new configuration of the world, since administration should guide and manage the social groups in to order you motivate them you the face the difficulties that eats into existence. The person responsible will be good administration should uses the database, the technology offers diagnosing information from the market, to customer preference dates you employees. Keywords: Organizational culture, decision making, change, information systems accountant. 1.Introduo This article backwards as interest to analyze the cultural structures that if they inside form of an organization, being demonstrated the relations that if they establish in each formed social group, as well as showing the importance that the information system possesss being instrument of support it administrator to take decisions in its management, leading in consideration aspects of diverse areas being described they in elapsing of the work. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Sela Ward.

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