Diana Sorbello

Animate so that Grandma Grandpa mother-father child + cone equally tear these songs from the chairs and the collective Groove. That someone”is truly a surprise. It is the delicate, beautiful, highly professional pop performer Diana Sorbello, known very well by the numerous single hits of continue to parallel existing solo career:. Been no producer, no records guru is so to speak the single, young mother of Heidi’s HEIRS, not just professional marketing strategist here is father of thought”. Some contend that Kevin James shows great expertise in this. Eighteen months ago the idea came of singer – and by the way former Sociology student (with master’s degree!) – Heidi project”. She researched in singing schools in the district, colleague and watched many performances to fill then finally even after vocal timbre of Heidi’s HEIRS: with three great singing, really lively and charming young ladies in the sexy Dirndl: the cheerful Franzi, the beautiful Marie and the cheeky Vroni. As a professional, Diana Sorbello knew of course that you fish a major company such as EMI only with good photos and an informative DEMO”could…And as it is now before the clever, indeed extraordinary album of beautiful daughters by Heidi. Published with spirited songs and bright photos of a happy (and rightly proud) Executive producer”Diana Sorbello. We take your hat off this dynamic young woman. “You want and we will still hear much and of course her sweet and smart choice daughters” Heidi’s HEIRS: at any party, family feasts, in the tent, in the Carnival, at the Oktoberfest!

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