Diedruckerei.de Advertises

The online printing placed on October 27 its spot on YouTube Neustadt an der Aisch “on Wednesday, October 27, the promotional circuit presents diedruckerei.de exclusively from our online shop on the home page of YouTube. Daily only one affiliate on the video portal gets”this top positioning, Marketing Manager Julia Voigt on the unique position of onlineprinters GmbH on YouTube is looking forward. On this day the commercial cannot be ticked for 24 hours on the home page of YouTube. In the so-called masthead ad, the commercial in a banner is included and prominently placed on the YouTube home page below the navigation bar. The spot, which was also televised, serves to strengthen their brand of onlineprinters GmbH diedruckerei.de and linked both to the print portal as well as on the Facebook fanpage diedruckerei.de of the online printing. Our own YouTube channel to inform diedruckerei.de the video portal is now the second largest search engine in Germany.

Several million users a day beyond that Home page of YouTube to search for entertainment and information. “Who wants to order prints online and on YouTube looking for providers, which is now also diedruckerei.de”, as Voigt next. Since August, has the online printing its own channel on YouTube diedruckerei and cinematically informed about their activities. Online printing is with their Web videos even closer to the customer: “we take suggestions and questions and answer them with moving images. Our videos interested can take a look behind the scenes of the online printing”, Thomas Baumann, social media officer of onlineprinters GmbH, sums up the themes of the videos on the net.

“Care our customers, who is behind the print portal of onlineprinters GmbH. We are a real printing press with its own production and an experienced team of professionals. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sela Ward. Our videos tell you about us and give our clients confidence and close. Experience authentic and real life, as for example an 8-colour printing machine works or is a environmentally-friendly Ink supply works’, so baby next.

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