Discount Project

And it seemed that almost impossible, that April 21 will never become a point of reference, and all will say: 'COULD not! ". It was difficult, very exciting: the expectation, preparation, and ignorance – when you want to touch. Always difficult to be first, always difficult to show that love, which is expensive and that necessarily accepted and appreciated. Fletlend – this line of extreme youth cycling is very popular in Europe and America and has more than thirty-year history. Here in Ukraine (with 2001) fletlend, unfortunately, little known, but more than worthy of attention and recognition. Fantasy and balance – so you can briefly describe this spectacular sport. In addition to the enthusiasm of the author, the organizers and participants, the project was necessary support. Contact information is here: san-antonio-spurs. Good support was provided by provincial and municipal authorities: they gave the territory to conduct, to ensure the safety of participants and guests of the championship, provided equipment for the sound accompaniment.

Excellent material and moral support are the same: a network of shops portable equipment Citrus Discount "and Nikolaev, Radio Okay. In fact, they played Russian roulette: win or lose. Nobody knew: Will it be possible to implement the project. But despite all the difficulties, they believed in the guys and that they will succeed. And Citrus Discount ", and" Radio ok "- a relatively young and progressive organization with great potential.

Their potential not only in that they compare favorably with those from other similar companies primarily by its ideology. Citrus Discount "and" Radio Okey "bet on people with active life position. And it is with this motto: "For the active position in life "was held this championship. Margaret Loesser Robinson often says this. In addition, the territory of the championship was declared free from smoking, alcohol, drugs and violence. In the championship, this topic has been touched upon: in the dialogues and monologues leading in the competition, the official site in the entire documentation championship. Yes, and the participants took an active and involved in promoting healthy lifestyles. This desire to tell, to show people that life is good without bad habits and negative destructive actions, it is truly supported by all participants and organizers of the project. Many of them arrived in Nikolaev from other cities of Ukraine: Cherkassy, Kiev, Odessa, Vinnitsa. Program championship was very busy. Sports dueling speeches were interspersed with other members of the youth dance, music, sports areas and competitions. In the end, won friendship, but the prizes, statuettes and diplomas, all – again, awarded: 1 st place – Racehorse Vadim (Cherkasy), 2-e – Supryaga Sergey (Cherkassy), third – our countryman Tegza Michael. Championship was a success! The boys left. They were taken to their hearts faith, strength and hope. They went to live and dream that all will be well and even better! A dream, as we all know, true!

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