Education Agent

Education Summit, education offensive nothing more Dresden without education agents, September 13, 2010 – about the German education system much has been discussed for years. Political solutions, which meet the current requirements are not in sight. It is therefore obvious to go other ways. For housing, there is the real estate agent, insurance the insurance broker, for financing the financial broker – and for education and training, there should be an education broker! Everyone’s talking about education, but individuals don’t know often, how he makes sense to plant his own education and – quite decisively also can finance for him. After the financial crisis, people want to invest above all sustainable and safe inflation. The demands for investment in their own education, their children or grandchildren are therefore constantly increasing. But it lacks the direct contact person for some long-term and successful educational planning. The education estate agents will act as point of contact in the near future.

The education estate agents is called 4 broker, in addition to To establish financial, insurance and real estate broker in Germany. The advice of the education agent is based on the existing means by which the individual has. All can have with whose help education agree a personal education plan. This includes also the mandatory growing education abroad during the school, training or studying. Today, there is a nearly endless variety of German and EU programmes promoting financial education stays abroad and the funding pots are filled. Many ‘Auslandshungrige’ but don’t even know these programmes or not optimally use them. Also here is the education agency contact and integrated the matching funds in the personal education plan. Two examples that into reality the dream of an education abroad are: The financing of ten high school visit worldwide can be supported with a non-repayable grant of up to 7,100.

An Au Pair in the United States Gets a corresponding Au Pair program, 1,000 US$ / per month pocket money plus unique 500 US$ as support to courses at American universities or colleges. Educational success is predictable and affordable from school! Many as a new form of professional see now the education estate agents, which will create thousands of new jobs, without public money and promotion. The education agency works effectively and creates added value for its customers. The invested money is inflation-safe, as long as it does not stop with the own training. This means – more education, more fun in life, better quality of life! operates and marketed the education portal is the information portal for educational stays abroad competently and in a compact form many useful information and helpful tips. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended. At the same time, the available current support programmes are listed to all foreign programs. A service that very well by the visitors ‘ is assumed.

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