Electronic Cigarettes

Virtually every electronic cigarette is a device made of plastic and metal, the execution of a drop of water like a mouthpiece or cigarillos. User inhales the electronic cigarettes flavored with couples who contain an artificially created nicotine. No smoke in the electronic cigarette is not, it follows that there is no combustion products and the numerous list of toxic substances. Also not unimportant question, and whether they are harmless? Plus to this in the web space you can find the view that electronic cigarettes cause asthma, and people who are sick with asthma, the electronic cigarette is not recommended for use. Of course, if water vapor with a medical nicotine and flavored harmful than low-quality mixture of tobacco, which conventional cigarettes, the price of just over 20 rubles, or those who spread such rumors, we can throw rotten eggs. Product quality tobacco monopolies to date has deteriorated so much that I want to spit. Control bodies and the executive branch, a sacred duty which monitor the situation handle. Except that the low quality of tobacco products is the fact that most of the employees and workers of tobacco 'Manufactures', grass-roots level, does not smoke produced by cigarettes.

For example, in 1992, the tobacco factories were smoking about 50 percent employees. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tony Parker. About asthmatics and asthmatics in particular. Asthma, compared with cancer, only a runny nose, no more. Yes, and asthmatics, regardless of the extent of disease, smoking is prohibited. But if the patient is alternately uses an inhaler and a cigarette, it goes very carelessly, and nothing else. Asthmatic people naturally can not use electronic cigarettes, in order to promote the development of the disease. Electronic cigarette repeatedly harmless classic cigarettes.

Undoubtedly, they are specific for early electronic cigarettes require changing habits and a piece of your willpower. But the electronic cigarette there a distinct advantage – they allow to keep the use of nicotine, at the right level to which you are accustomed to. For sim your body does not experience discomfort without nicotine, and you do not 'fly' in a stall for smokes, and comfortable using an electronic analog of any place in society, those who do not smoke, does not create undue discomfort. Can I say goodbye to smoking per se using electronic cigarettes? This important question I hear often, and in the global 'web' there are many variations on this topic. The answer can be formed similar questions. Is it possible to quit smoking? Answer a lot of people will be positive, and so many examples. Therefore, using the electronic cigarettes to quit smoking completely really. You should thoroughly to try and not suck up steam and wait for deliverance from addiction.

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