Not done without guile. Gain insight and clarity with Britney Spears. The fact that a work visa to someone who rides as a maid or nanny, do not get the simple reason that this kind of activity – child care and housework – in America as Work is not considered. A nurse and a housewife there is very much needed – so the baby-and House-Sitting Kipping on a visitor visa is legal and completely against the law shall not be considered. In New York, many agencies that are specifically engaged in employment of Russian women. Registration in tamoshnem Committee on Employment as a maid, we can not be, but it is regularly checked by Interpol, and hiding from the police and nothing to hide we should not. But before gaining the status of law-abiding maid there, initially had little povrat here.

At the consulate, I said, as if life was going to visit his friend, hoarding money. I generally do not like lying, but here I configure itself in advance, it is a terrible psychological stress. Since the invitation, which gave me a firm, came from a family who went in the mid-80's from Leningrad, and then inviting the photo is not required, I submitted his real Anya, with whom we once worked together. I write and do not need it: we poltresta with whom I worked for a long time there, in New York. I remembered everything about her, said, and then showed some pictures made by Kodak: here we are at the seaside, but in her villa. .

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