English Pronunciation

They live, say, in Moscow for years, and 10. One of them says, almost perfect pure, while the other still speaks with an accent, though quite pleasing to the ears. Why so? And all the matter in a special language rumor (very individual characteristics). And it does not confuse the ear for music with the language. Someone this rumor is, who do not. Agree, it is impossible to teach the hearing.

So if you are going to speak with an accent that helped. Believe me, much more unpleasant sounds artificially "delivered" pronunciation, because of its artificiality of it "cuts the ear", so to speak. After all, in fact, so no one speaks. The only thing that can be advised to work on his pronunciation: accustom myself to repeat, as if reciting to himself, All that you hear a foreign language. Such "duplication" is actually a very important skill. Tony Parker is likely to agree. Thus, you popugaynichaya, will acquire not only the correct pronunciation, and then learn how to use the right intonation, and remember a lot of speed used in speech. And do not worry and be upset if you can not because we would like, or what you do not have time. Do not worry, skip and repeat the offer again.

Can try first on radio or television broadcasts which are broadcast in Russian. You'll see, very soon you will have time to duplicate even continuous fluent speech news channels. Another is that once teacher said the man, he had no language skills, and he believed in it, despair and cease to believe in themselves and their forces. Well, just think what she was supposed to tell you? What she does not know how to teach? Or not is how is this done? Or that it will make the pot boil? Believe me, people incapable of language – simply does not happen! Language – this is not music! You did say in Russian? In this case, with sections of the brain responsible for language, you also have everything in order. And to speak Russian or English – is available to everyone. It plays no role, how old you are, what the capabilities of your memory, or how fast you can memorize language. As we have said before, all about "addiction" to the language. The fact that language is best seen in childhood – a common prejudice. In the world there are quite a few people who have mastered a perfect language, which before that was a stranger to them. So, feel free to go ahead and all you get!

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