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Therefore, selecting the design of the living room, you can choose this option, when the room is divided conventionally into two zones: one is used for receiving guests, and the second – for the rest. Movie star has many thoughts on the issue. Separate these areas from each other is a snap, you just need to use different design techniques in the regeneration of lighting and arrangement of furniture, as well as use different colors in the design of the room. Or there is another option, when the room – a single whole, where just one can relax and entertain, it all depends on your preference. We consider the first option. To read more click here: Jorge Perez. As a rule, to highlight the dining area use different shades of bright colors that create a warm inviting atmosphere and help create a good mood and relaxed atmosphere for dining table. The light source in the living room, you can use a small, stylish chandelier or illuminated light bulbs. You can also use a variety of wall and floor lamps. In order to have opportunity to relax and relieve fatigue after work, lounge seating area is desirable to issue a bluish, blue or green tones.

For lighting, you can use different kinds of wall fixtures, sconces, making a more intimate setting, or floor lamps, which create light for a comfortable rest or conversation. If you must use all the space room for festive occasions, the very successful design solution will spotlights built into the ceiling, or concealed fixtures located in the eaves. To create a cozy living room, which is important in the regeneration of the room, you can hang the family photos, and various applications or buy now. You can also add flowers to the room. Perhaps the only thing without which it will not do any interior room – it's upholstered furniture, the protagonist of which – the sofa.

Everything Else: home theater, fireplace, book cabinet, bar, dining group – possibly but not necessarily. Main – not perenasytit space, otherwise not get a living room and featureless room. In the living room just to be in moderation. Remember that.

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