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This monograph is part of the III course of Specialization in Methodology of Ensino and the Research in Physical Education, Sport and Leisure? MEPEEL, of the program of after-graduation, the College of Education of the Federal University of the Bahia? FACED/UFBA, of the year of 2010-2011. The proposal of this study if of the one from the necessity of appropriation of the knowledge of the Corporal Culture and in this work of research, we raise as Problem the following question: Which the conception of the Parkour and its relation with the Corporal Culture from the determinative partner-descriptions and the reality in the city of Salvador/BA? It has as Objective generality to analyze on the determinative partner-descriptions of the Parkour in its process of creation, development, expansion from the empirical sistematizaes, of the scientific studies identifying the reality of the Parkour in the city of Salvador/BA. For better understanding of the metodolgicos steps that will cover this inquiry, we divide the study at two moments. The first one, it had the purpose to contribute through a bibliographical study, on the basis of the empirical sistematizaes of the groups and in the produced scientific studies, to understand the determinative partner-descriptions. At as the moment, through the exploratrias, bibliographical research and of field, we verify the reality of this practical corporal in the city of Salvador/BA, understanding as this knowledge if it develops and if it finds in the current days, through visit to the group with bigger representation in the city and interview opened in the practitioners. The choice of the presentation of this project in ' ' dividiz it in two momentos' ' it was only for didactic ends, of dissocia form some it if. We leave of the understanding of that practical the corporal ones are products of practical the social human being and expression of the Corporal Culture. Thus we obtain with this study, to arrive the compreeno that the creation of parkour appears from the necessity that the man has of if socializing and if to exercise; also we arrive at a concept on parkour, understanding it as manifestation of the Corporal Culture historically constructed by the humanity and the compreeno on problematic and the possibilities of overcoming of this practical corporal in the city of Salvador/BA.

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