Finnish Dental Association

The company Lotte Confectionery Ltd. part of a major South Korean holding company Lotte Group, founded in 1967. Business Holding affect areas such as confectionery, soft drinks, hotels and fast food restaurants, shops, financial companies, chemical manufacturing, electronics, information technology, construction, publishing, entertainment. Lotte Confectionery Ltd produces and sells over 300 kinds of confectionery, chewing gum and ice cream more than 70 countries around the world. The most widely represented on the Russian market today product – sugar-free gum with xylitol content "Xylitol (Xylitol), which reduces development caries, which is made Lotte Confectionery Ltd since 2000. This chewing gum was found Korean and Japanese, as well as the Finnish Dental Association, as a product that promotes better dental health, which was confirmed numerous studies in many countries around the world. Learn more at this site: Tony Parker. Currently, a representative office in Russia began to cooperate with the Dental Association of Russia (StAR) and a number of studies to confirm the properties of xylitol antikarioznyh. Later, in collaboration with the Dental Association of Russia planned to study and to market other products and company.

In addition to chewing gum "Xylitol (Xylitol), the Company offers pastry Pepper Drimkeyk, Drimpay, cookies, etc. Fitness To date, the Company's products are produced in factories in Japan, China, Vietnam, India, Thailand, the Philippines. In The company is planning – the beginning of sales and production organization in Russia. To do this, in April 2007 was created a Russian company Lotte CF Eng and recruited professional staff of Russian employees. Also, the Company signed a memorandum of understanding with the administration of the Kaluga region to build a plant that is scheduled to begin in May of 2008 and finish by the end of 2009. This factory will be the whole product range of products Companies, including chewing gum, biscuits, snacks, chocolates, ice cream and much more. The entire production process will be accompanied by strict quality control system to the highest standards. Lotte Confectionery Ltd., Being an industrial enterprise, attached great importance to the safety of its production.

Internal process control of the Company tougher existing state environmental regulations and standards. Lotte Confectionery Ltd. more than once recognized model of environmental control. Throughout his more than 40 year history of the company Lotte Confectionery Ltd. make special efforts to maintain high standards of quality. Established in 1983 Research Center Lotte Confectionery Ltd. was recognized at the state level as a certification body of food. Now in its development of new food standards, and conducted research in the field biotechnology.

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