Fireplace Stoves

So you celebrate safely in the contemplative time Oh beautiful Christmas time all year again peaceful and cozy Christmas comes. The cold forces people into their apartments and houses. Those who have a fireplace or stove, can consider himself lucky. The families gather again before the fireplaces to relax with a cup of tea or a few Board games, by the flickering light of fire. Unfortunately many with serious burns and apartment fires, which with some security measures would be to avoid accidents each year. Stove safety guidelines when purchasing and installing a stove, attention should be paid on some things, not only the CE mark. Especially the distance to nearby objects is relevant to safety. These include furniture and walls, which should have a minimum safety distance of 20 cm, to the metal parts of the fireplace, and a minimum distance of 80 cm to the combustion chamber together with the glass door.

No matter what fuel is heated, it can cause sparks and the floor, if not out of stone, tile or similar fire-proof material, is best with a glass or metal plate, that at least 50 cm in front and 30 cm besides the fireplace protects the soil. Advent Wreaths and Christmas tree safety precautions is the best protection against fire an electric Christmas tree lights. Who cannot do without candles on the advent wreath and Christmas tree, should keep this in mind: never in the room go, especially in the presence of children and pets. Pay attention to the stability of the FIR. Burned candles in time renew and keep a minimum distance of 20 cm from top of the candle to the next branch or curtain,. No sparklers ignite! The branches are dry, candles patch no longer ignite.

A filled water buckets or fire extinguisher ready. Every year thousands of people violate minimum security effort for a peaceful celebration, partly difficult. The most common cause of death among fire is flue gas poisoning by toxic fumes and often because simple Safety precautions are not observed. This of course also applies to fires caused by not cooled ashes in the bin. Simple measures will protect! The fireplace and pellet stove online shop attaches a particular importance to security and has a wide range of spark shields in its range. The traditional company from the construction furnaces the trained team will help with advice under the telephone number + 49-8143-264530 or by E-Mail available. Her Julia Menden

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