First Price

One gets the impression that he was not sure myself either as a commodity. This impression cause personally I have, yes, and probably not only me, those people who immediately go on assignment. Since all the same right to sell and do not go for unnecessary for you to make concessions? The first thing you should remember. In no case do not talk about the price at the beginning of the presentation. How do you According sounds basic rule of successful selling? A rule is: "Do not sell a product, sell a solution." On the basis of this rule, the entire presentation talked about the challenges that can solve your customer purchasing your service or product. Vanessa Marcil spoke with conviction. Because there is no problem, no sale.

Price is the last word in the presentation. After all, as it was not cheap products. Its not when you do not buy unless it is useful to your client. Therefore, always initially long and hard to talk about the usefulness of your product or service, and only then about the price. But it often happens so that the client without waiting for your presentation interrupts you and says: "How much it costs, what is the price." What to do such a situation? In fact, everything is very simple. Ask him once a counter-question: "Do I understand you correctly, you will completely clear all the properties and quality of the product? You fully understand what benefits it can bring to you? And what problems it solves? And it remains only for the discussion of the price? "Only the first course slightly rephrase the question to the specifics of your product.

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