Floco Tausin

Vitreous detachment and vitreous liquefaction as the cause of the harmless”MV are more or less plausible hypotheses, but no secure knowledge hypotheses that then come to train, if all other and clarify the causes could be excluded. In this study, E.g. the vitreous detachment in 56% as the cause is called, although there was a withdrawal according to authors in 62% of cases. I.e. some of the eyes, in which he Glass body removed was, others were apparently, clearer (more?) Conditions or phenomena on which come as a cause of MV in question.

(2) are the MV really gone after the vitrectomy or not? This question is oddly the nowhere answered in the study. The three predetermined responses for the evaluation by the patients do not consider this question. The overwhelmingly positive assessment of patients only suggests that the phenomenon has disappeared. (3) the interpretation of the subjective assessment is complex. The authors themselves admit that other factors for the enthusiasm of the patient may be responsible, for example the reduction of short-sightedness by the simultaneous operation of the lenses. “But above all no account of the psyche: it is hard to see why the retrospective review of patients not just mental effects to appear to in the diagnosis: if certain mental dispositions inflate a lens barely existent problem” can enjoy the same Also reduce the problem. So, it is conceivable that MV there are remains of the patients due to the suggested cure”through surgery but feel negligible. In this case, the Floaterektomie could a psychotherapy with the knife”as providing relevant results due to the medicine and faith in technology some patients, expressed in convincing numbers (proposal: perform license operations and determine the placebo effect).

And here the character of the company shows exactly: it is ultimately not about the glass bodies to remove from MV, because this idea is without any objective basis. it comes to satisfy patients and to reduce their suffering. This is in itself praiseworthy, but the circumstances of a blind vitrectomy”speak my opinion sure that before a still risks risky surgical procedure alternative and creative methods of dealing is searched. Reaching these by you the phenomenon not perceive as a problem or illness, but as an opportunity of attentive observation and introspection. Western and non-Western world interpretation systems created and make it to sense entoptic phenomena such as MV and to integrate. “If the ophthalmology would cooperate with such alternative approaches, she could probably lower-cost contribute to, their patients a clearer view” to allow in everyday life.

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