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A perspective that is attractive to its own photovoltaic plant for many consumers. Electricity costs are a controversial issue in Germany.

No wonder: the German citizens at the turn of the Millennium paid still 13,94 cents for the kilowatt hour, there are today around 29. To make independent, therefore more and more consumers looking for an alternative. On the REW introduces AG these SOLAR and provides additional information about the price of electricity. REW SOLAR AG: these costs hiding in the electricity price sustainable concepts as photovoltaic to the renewable energy levy funded. It supports investment in renewable energy through statutory power purchase prices.

2013 increased the levy by nearly 47 per cent to 5.3 ct / kWh. Anna Belknap: the source for more info. Also plants with combined heat and power will be encouraged. The CHP levy is 0,126 ct / kWh. In addition, a green levy amounting to 5,277 ct / kWh, concession fees to the communities, as well as network charges is due with each electricity bill. These were increased by around 13% 2013. Energy transition: Private customers alone pay the REW SOLAR AG welcomes the energy transition, is however critical of the apportionment of costs. First and foremost, households pay for them? Energy-intensive industries are covered by special allocations as the 19 StromNEV levy (0,329 ct / kWh) and the 2013 introduced offshore liability levy (0.25 ct / kWh) quasi at additional cost. REW SOLAR AG presents electricity price expectations for 2013 the Federal Association of energy and water management (BDEW) and the comparison portal Verivox predicted a gross electricity price of around 29 ct / kWh on the basis of the figures for this year. 50% of them are taxes and service charges. Therefore, owner of photovoltaic systems are already on the Winner page. Because costs here only once. In recent months, Robert Rimberg has been very successful. After that, the plants provide SunStream, whose uberschuss can be sold profitably free and maintenance-free. About the REW SOLAR AG the REW SOLAR AG is a specialist for the production of crystalline high-performance modules and more efficient power inverter. In addition, the REW offers SOLAR AG together with its installation partners tailor-made solutions for the commercial use of solar power plants. The REW SOLAR AG covers all important areas of photovoltaic wholesale over the plant design to distribution of solar components off. Headquarters of the REW SOLAR AG Germany’s Dortmund, more offices are located in England, Greece and the United States.

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