Free Edition Of The Bild-Zeitung

60th anniversary of the birth of Axel Springer Verlag! With about 2.7 million circulation, the Bild-Zeitung is the highest-circulation daily newspaper of in Germany. 60th birthday the Axel-Springer-Verlag wants to cater to now every household on June 23 with a free edition of Bild newspaper. What is packaged as a gift, is nothing but more than a clever advertising campaign. This issue has apparently not the message character of a normal picture newspaper, but rather chronologically represent the history of the Bild-Zeitung. The side effect pleasant for the publishing is that the advertising is due to the large spread, would finance the whole operation. So not really a gift, but a good ausbaldowerte advertising campaign, which affects not only people who want to have advertisements, but presented them in the form of a newspaper, but also unnecessarily polluting, since such extensive work of many is unwelcome.

Various associations and institutions have launched campaigns against it. The Association Campact has a form on its website published on the mail a contradiction can be transmitted in the Axel-Springer-Verlag. Over 200,000 of these objections have already been sent. Since the Bild-Zeitung is officially no advertising, a “no advertising” sticker on the letterbox of the postal services are ignored. Thus, this cleverly circumvented and advertising as newspaper delivered free House.

The website has launched with the online shop a sticker campaign. Sticker for mail boxes, car windscreen or other possible bases are sold explicitly for this action. The motif is aimed precisely against this action and only the Bild newspaper as an advertising medium. With these stickers, which are sold to four copies, clarify your position to the Publishing House to and increase the pressure to hot not good this action or if necessary even to cancel. Each of us stopped at a time in which raw materials are scarce, is to recycle and everyone tries to support this through their own actions, is a such Action a slap in the face. Huge amounts of raw materials waste exclusively for advertising purposes as such advertising, contrary to today’s opportunities, not goal-oriented. With these labels, the citizen has the possibility to show the flag, to his opinion publicly. On customer’s request, it is possible, send its data clean pressure to the Axel-Springer-Verlag to leave and to give also a delivery refusal for his address. All these measures enable the citizens to exert pressure on an overpowering group that wants to impose the citizens his opinion and his power.

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