French Alsace

Guard dogs are used only occasionally, after all alarm systems. Oh, Yes, there are guide dogs and therapy dogs too. But what happened to the remaining dogs, which at least included 5 million in 2012? Dogs of course. In many families, the dog is a full member, he gets the best care, high-quality feed, appropriate toys and of course much love from mistress and master. Just when the DINKS * enjoy dogs of special popularity.

The holiday season brings all years again an issue on the day: where the dog on holiday? Of course, there are dog hotels or dog bed, dog sitter for the home care and much more. You also have, because with the Maldives to take the dog inside a jumbo jet, is rather not recommended. But there is also an alternative that saves the bad conscience of the dog owner. For more information see Adam Sandler. Make holidays easy with the dog. This is nothing new, of course, you could take the dog in holiday 20 years ago.

But the offered lodgings were also accordingly. In hotels you should keep the verwohnteste room got, because dog owners anyway living in questionable conditions, always the table on the passage to the toilet, because dogs stink so pathetic and this is not so in the vicinity of the Abtritts in the restaurant. And holiday homes or apartments, a juicy surcharge for the final cleaning was due, because dogs so make a yes everything. Tempi passati. Today, the hospitality industry has made the dog owners as a new target group. Because dog owners of course like to reside, where is available for the four-legged friend the best ambience. This includes not only food bowl and basket, no, now every conceivable effort operated for the dog, the dog shower to the dog pool, from the Agiliyparcours to the obedience training, you can find all this in the dog-friendly hotels today. There has been a similar change of heart among the providers of apartments and cottages. Here the dog is no longer tolerated, no, it is Welcome. And in many cases even free of charge. Landlord offer fenced pastures for the spout as well as dog beds and bowls for food and water, cooperate with dog trainers or mobile dog schools and invite you to an exciting holiday for dog and owner. This offer not only on Germany is limited, Europe offers wonderful destinations for dog owners, be it the beautiful Tuscany, the Austrian alpine valleys, French Alsace, the Belgian or Dutch North Sea coast, Scandinavia its fjords, the Bohemian Forest in the Swiss Alps, getaway, the beautiful South Hungary. Even on the Spanish Islands, there are cottages for dog owners. And where can I find these great accommodations? Of course, at, the only platform on the Internet, providing not only all the offered vacation accommodations, but also all information, that are important for the holiday with dog.

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