Gardens For People With Limited Mobility

Gardens for people with limited mobility. Many gardens designed taking into account the fact that the people who will use them, are generally able to relatively easily to him to move. Since, however, not always. People with limited mobility often can not enjoy the beautiful garden. Many attractive in all respects, the gardens are often not available to those who can not walk.

Sometimes the obstacle are the steps taken instead of a ramp, or tracks that are wide enough for a wheelchair. Learn more at: Robbie Lawler. According to official statistics, in Russia, people with disabilities make up about 10% of the total population. Recently, the magazine "Big City held a rally, "Out of range". A few healthy people sat in a wheelchair and tried to live a couple hours of his normal life. And in 2007 in Chaumont-sur-Loire held an annual festival of garden art, among the 26 gardens on the general theme of "Movement", a garden, called the "chair in the garden, offers visitors a try himself as a disabled person to sit in a wheelchair and take a walk around the garden.

What are the special problems of these people? Difficulty displacement. Inability to bend down to reach the ground. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Vanessa Marcil. Weak grasping opportunities, poor coordination of movements. Occurring at times of disequilibrium. Limited range of motion. Increased fatigue, reduced stamina, inability to greater efforts. Limited muscle mass. Sensitivity to weather changes. Need to work while sitting. What are the problems these people may face in garden? – Strong agricultural planting distance from home.

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