Georgy Sedov

Now all those facts – our history, it could be different, but we did it that way. As always. It is known that in sedovskoy expedition was filmed the world's first movie about the Arctic. But who, where and when I saw this movie? Tens cinema sites announce an opportunity 'download' feature film 'Georgy Sedov', but always true, no film. But the vulgarity is represented in all guises. There are, of course, we have established curators and guardians who are always pushing the no objection in relation to the 'great' work to preserve and perpetuate. But, as always in short supply real work, as always, there is no money. It is simply indecent defiantly grow majestic nouveau riche mansions modern, but collapses, demolition and depreciated historical heritage.

What we leave to our descendants – Ondulin, siding, pvc? Impregnable palaces of new millionaires? Or they themselves, as an example for follow? Sedov was not a revolutionary, like the va Rusanov who sent in the same 1912, another expedition, was lost in the wilds of the Arctic. He called his discovery of geographical entities including the names of members of the royal family. But gy Sedov, especially after the Russian-Japanese War, was critical of the existing order in the navy and the country. Sedov believed that the Russian people should be more actively exercise their will, count on it, referring to the Russian citizens to organize an expedition to the North Pole. He himself is an example of initiative and persistence in achieving goals.

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