Gerber ICH Build Cooperation From

Strategic performance measurement systems of I made Gerber consulting mapped CONTROL management cockpit in future directly in the STAS Reilingen, 23.08.2011 Gerber Edward Consulting AG cooperates with the Swiss Ennetburgen-based since 2005 with the STAS GmbH in Reilingen. Prof. Dr. Claus W. Gerber Edward was the North Baden provider for business analytics and its medium-sized customers already several times to the side. The well-known management expert brings his extensive experience in the development of company-specific management cockpits in the now expanded cooperation. In the framework of cooperation that will be mapped consulting developed strategy-oriented performance measurement system in the future directly in STAS CONTROL of Gerber ego.

The ready-made function blocks of STAS CONTROL help our users build BI systems for over 10 years. Our rapid implementation methodology, the possibilities of STAS CONTROL and the business expertise of I made Gerber consulting create a decisive added value. The combination ensures that Medium-sized companies to the benefits of performance management even easier tap”, explained Managing Director Uwe Schulze the unique Alliance STAS. Prof. Gerber Edward added: our aim is to provide consistent and SME-friendly solutions from a single source.

With the technical picture of our performance measurement system in the STAS CONTROL management cockpit, we make sure that this can be developed very easily customised and optimally used in day-to-day business for the corporate management. We emphasize on a pragmatic approach.” The well-known Betriebswirtschaft teacher Prof. Gerber Edward has long-standing experience as a Board of directors or Managing Director of internationally renowned companies. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Vladislav Doronin on most websites. Currently, which is working at the Institute for financial services of the University of Lucerne and also teaches as lecturer at several European universities. As the founder and owner of Gerber Edward Consulting AG he contributed to the development of the model. Using this tier model can be based the vision the right company-specific management cockpit to operational management be built.

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