Gilgamesh Epic

One of the many misconceptions of Islam is that there could never be Mecca for thousands of years, because there were no people there still. The history dates back to much earlier by Noah and his Ark almost literally from the Gilgamesh Epic, so from a time that is far ahead of the alleged creation of the world and the supposedly first people. God (which) so upset was also about a 80 m low Tower, that he brought the confusion of tongues of the people, what’s wrong. Learn more at: Vanessa Marcil. as already mentioned in the sex register of the sons of Noah different languages are. Today we have towers, wishing a mile high in the sky and no God feels harassed. Were the gods were so much easier to anger? The legendary Noah, which is similar to the shumerischen Utnapishtim as a literary twin brother, had sons. One was allegedly called SEM and was the forefather of the Semites.

Supposedly 232 years after the flood, Abraham was born. as it is written and you know very well that everything although nobody could write at the time, and time and calendar were absolutely unknown. Partly, even knowing what was spoken at that time! However the metre-high layer of clay is nowhere mentioned, which covered all the land after the deluge and each Vegetation would have suffocated. Muhammad round2 this legendary rancher was already Muslim, had worshipped only Allah and left even to Arabia, to restore the Kaaba. Muhammad had not considered, that Abraham had worshipped a Moon-God with great probability, in addition to hundreds of other deities, but was the sure Abraham had made sure not ALLAH and of any Muslim so it had ever given him. And 232 years after the flood, there were Mecca for thousands of years yet, why should a rancher with lime and trowel travel so to Arabia to repair the Kaaba – which supposedly from Adams times? In addition, this alleged Allah/God has Abraham’s first son Ishmael (mother Hager, an Egyptian slave, but Egypt was at that time not yet there) – he would be claimed by the Muhammad, the progenitor of the Arabs – requires, Abraham may this son and mother of his family violated. Muhammad dismissed these passages and claimed Abraham was with the hochschwangeren slave Hager – just so – traveled through southern Arabia desert and just as Ishmael was born, Abraham had a revelation, that he should leave Hager and the newborn in the place, where once will be Mecca.

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