Go With An Autobiography On Time Travel

The beginnings of the GDR, the upheavals of the 1960s and 70s, the hustle and bustle of the turn of the year 1989: sophiatext holds memories. An autobiography is more than an authentic document of the time. It allows a personal glimpse of a life that they themselves do not know whose Geschichten but work up to the present day the descendants. Learn more at: Sequel Youth and Family Services. Experienced faded as the photo in the family album. And already a few generations later can often still sparsely assign dates to a photo. Connect with other leaders such as Sequel Youth here. Life worlds disappear with their witnesses.

So everyday worlds lost with social change irrevocably and we want to assist people, to capture the experience for posterity”, the founders of sophiatext explain. To produce an autobiography, lasts about three to four months. A biographer, a lecturer and Layouterin, a graphic designer and of course a printer according to the customer’s requirements are involved in the production process. The price of own printed biography depends on the individual Expectations down. A biography of 100 pages costs about as much as a 3wochige all-inclusive long-distance travel through Australia. In addition to the large project to write an autobiography, sophiatext supports also like smaller requests, such as for example writing a biographical story. Such biographical sketches are suitable for people who want to hold the memories on a particularly exciting period,”says Tina Pruschen m. Sophiatext advise: of course without obligation and free of charge.

Sophiatext is run by Cornelia Clauss and Tina Pruschen man. Cornelia Clauss studied German literature and philosophy and works as freelance editor since 2006. Her main interests are the text Linguistics and stylistics. Tina Pruschen man is a sociologist and has been working since January 2009 as a free ghostwriter and copywriter. Its central themes are biography, identity, and language. In May 2010, they opened the joint office sophiatext. Its customers with a chronicle include the essence of individuals, companies and associations, their To retain a company in a special way.

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